Flat Tire Burgers

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Ween Pic 20

Ween Pic 19While we love our regular joints in the city, sometimes it is nice to not have to venture out of suburbia. Mom and Pops had been to Flat Tire Burgers, 318 E Ayers Street, Edmond, in the BW years (before ween.) They recall it being adequate but it never really made it into the regular rotation. We decided to give it another chance, since it touts itself as a dog-friendly destination.

First off, they have one of the biggest covered patios around. There is also a balcony patio upstairs, but we didn’t make our way up that direction. There was plenty of seating for an early Saturday night dinner. Pops was impressed by the quality of the beers they offer on tap. They also have a variety of canned/bottled selections and a full bar.

Unfortunately, there were multiple mistakes with Mom’s order including a drink that never showed up.  She is kind of a Picky McPickerson and is always very specific about exactly what she wants. (Yes, she’s a pain, but she figures if she’s paying, she’s allowed to be.) We think part of the problem is that multiple people were taking/bringing things out so there may have been a lack of communication. They were super apologetic AND several employees gave me love/commented on how cute and sweet I am, so they obviously have good taste. Read More…

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