Supply and Demand

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TogetherSupply and Demand

Success in the business world uses an equation based on supply and demand. Technology has enlarged the demand side for many.  Thankfully, it continues to play an ever increasing role in the success of area rescues, shelters and municipal pounds.  The heartbreak is the demand is out-of-state and the supply is in your backyard.

Equally heartbreaking is there are thousands of cats and a very limited out-ot-state demand.

It takes money, commitment and lots of people to meet the out-of-state demand for the area dogs who find themselves without a home and are fortunate enough to be rescued.  Sadly, far too many die horrible deaths from disease, injury, or worst of all, starvation.

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter has only been fully operational since mid-May.  We’ve rescued/saved more than 100+ dogs (supply – – yup) and we have a waiting list.  The numbers tell the rest of the story.  We’ve had 26 local adoptions and 73 out-of-state.  All of the rescues rely on caring individuals who understand it takes money to make it work.  Veterinary care, food, shelter, transportation out-of-state, and for those with physical buildings – employees to keep the doors open, the floors cleaned, and the animals fed, the lights on and the heating/air conditioning operational.

The long term goal is to decrease the supply – – – everyone who reads this blog can help.  Care enough to have your family pets spayed/neutered.  Support your local shelters and rescues, help the homeless dogs and cats who end up on your doorstep.

It’s the right thing to do.  Just visit a local shelter or pound if you do not believe me.


Kay Stout, Executive Director,    PAAS Vinita  e:  [email protected]

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