A Chat with Kaycee Chance of OKC Pets

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Nicole Castillo

   photo-nov-30-7-28-34-pm Kaycee Chance is a good friend of mine. She writes for OKC Pets Magazine  and volunteers and works at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary in Edmond, Oklahoma.

She is also the Wonder Woman of dogs who stray from their homes. Her Facebook page is sprinkled with witty tales of stopping by the side of the road to collect befuddled and lost dogs and return them to their worried owners. As I prepared to write this blog, I scrolled through her page and quickly found five of these stories, complete with pictures.
I asked her if there was a particular dog that stood out in her mind and she told me about Duke, a dog who had wandered away from his yard.

“Ok, so this is the story of Duke: I was driving through Nichols Hills one day and saw a big, beautiful, well cared for dog running frantically in the middle of the street. I keep a kit in my car that has dog treats, cat treats, a few medical supplies, some bottled water, bowls, towels, and leashes for this kind of situation.

photo-nov-29-10-49-43-amI could tell he was TERRIFIED and that he was not going to be easy to catch. But he had a collar on, so there was no chance I was letting him get away. There are a lot of major streets nearby (Penn and Britton) so I was really worried. I lingered in my car for a second watching his behavior. He was timid, tail between his legs, completely docile, just scared. There was a lady in her front yard with her dog on a leash while she gardened. Duke (although I didn’t know his name at the time) lingered around her dog for a second, but took off when she approached.

This gave me a good indication that he was a member of somebody’s pack, as his natural instinct was to go by the other dog for comfort. I saw him go through the fence into somebody’s backyard, so I knew I had a few minutes to act on my master plan.

I approached the lady doing her gardening and explained that I was trying to get the dog and explained that I thought her dog might be helpful. I asked if she would be willing to simply walk her dog nearby the house where Duke had gone into the backyard. She was down to help and I was glad! She lingered in the front yard with her dog while I slowly called for him “come here, baby, it’s ok” with a few treats in my hand. I was low to the ground, kept my body language completely calm, and sat by the hole in the fence waiting.

He kept eyeing me and the other dog and after a few minutes he approached the fence, I stuck my hand out on the ground with a treat in it and he took it. After a few more treats and chin scratches (always go under the chin first for a shy/nervous dog) he came through the fence and I was able to leash him. Once he was on the leash he became more comfortable and plopped down next to me for some lovin’. I got him some water from one of my bottles and THANKFULLY he was properly tagged.

I called the number on his tag and a frantic voice answered, “I found your dog, Duke,” I said. The young woman on the other end began SOBBING. She explained to me that she got up to let her dogs out at about 12:00 AM the night before and when she went to let them in 10 minutes later all the dogs were there except for Duke. She said she and her fiancé had been out looking for him nonstop for the past fifteen hours. They were overjoyed, Duke was overjoyed, and I was overjoyed. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s always worth it.”
photo-nov-30-7-33-18-pm-1   There are animal lovers, and then there are animal warriors like Kaycee. She has opened her home to to five cats, and two dogs. Each pet has a unique past and all are happy to call the Chances’ house home. Kaycee gave me the rundown of her tribe.

Etsel and Ely, age 8, are my sweet “handicats” as I call them. They have deformed back legs and they were my inspiration to get so heavily involved in the rescue world.

Lillian, age 7, is my sweetest companion who I basically consider me in cat form: lazy, hungry, and sassy.

Harlow, age 3 is my crazy girl, always running wild around the house. Found her as a stray with her kittens and rehabilitated them back to health. Once all the kittens were adopted she became part of my kitty clan.

Valentine, age 14, is my old man. He loves nothing more than to sleep, eat constantly, and play with his favorite toy monkey (which is actually a big Kong toy for dogs hahah).

Sparrow, age 8, a Pitbull mastiff mix who was once considered extremely aggressive. After being rehabilitated by the Free to Live staff he is now the best big brother to his five kitties.

Faith, age 12, once belonged to the executive director of FTL, who passed away a few years ago. She is shy as all get out, but photo-nov-29-10-42-40-amonce you get her to open up she is the sweetest old gal. Loves her walks, bacon strips, and a good romp around the yard with Sparrow.

You can find Kaycee at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, walking, feeding, cleaning, and playing with the furry residents. She also has a teaching apprenticeship at the University of Central and writes fabulous poetry. She is truly a lady of many hats and the lost pets of the OKC metro are fortunate to have her patrolling the streets, making sure all the animals are tucked in at night.

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