Thanksgiving: 10 Things to be Thankful for

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Nicole Castillo

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we are reminded of what we are grateful for. Pet owners are, of course, thankful for their pets, but this year, I am thinking of the little details that make life with animals so much easier, and I am thankful for these things.


The Litter GenieThanksgiving

If you have cats and don’t know what this is, then this is a life-changing moment for you. Much like the Diaper Genie, the Litter Genie is a cat waste system that eliminates poo odors from creeping through your house. I will never be without this product. Thank you, Litter Genie, my house smells like apple-cinnamon because you do your job so well.


 Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Pet Water Additive

My senior dog, Cheyanne, has a heart murmur and cannot be put under anesthesia, therefore she can’t have her teeth cleaned by the vet. I clean her teeth as best I can, but her breath smells horrible. A few drops of this in her water make a great difference! It is safe for both cats and dogs and uses green tea extract to help freshen breath. Thank you, Tropiclean, for making car trips with this old dog much more pleasant!




I used to be a pet groomer and I understand the back-breaking job it is to send 10-20 furry customers home shiny and smelling like heaven. These people work extra hard to clean and style over-excited, frightened, or downright livid pets every day, without injury to the pet or human. It’s a dangerous job! Thank you, groomers, for making our pets look like a million bucks.



 Large Cat Litter Pans

If you have ever owned a plus-sized cat, you know what I’m talking about. Thank you, XL cat litter pans, for thinking of the husky domestic felines who need to use the litter just like any other cat.



Veterinarian staff Thanksgiving

These people have seen it all. They have vaccinated new puppies, performed life-saving surgeries, and held hands of those who must say good-bye to their best friend. Though it may look chaotic and fun, a vet office is a labor of love. Thank you to our veterinarians and vet techs, you keep our furry families together as much as you can. (Britton Road Veterinarians shown in picture)



I know this sounds violent, but I assure you, it’s not. The Furminator is a de-shedding brush that catches your dog or cats’ wooly undercoat. It’s a must-have tool come springtime when your pet starts to shed like crazy. Thank you furminator, for combing out a pile of fur that is equal in size to the animal being combed.


 Animal Shelters


These individuals never take a day off. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, while most are at home with their families, the staff at these shelters will be walking and feeding those who have no home or family to go to. They fall in love with the animals and cry happy tears when a dog or cat is finally adopted. Selfless. Optimistic. Kind. Thank you to all who work at our Oklahoma animal shelters, you are changing the world, one soul at a time.



 ThanksgivingRetractable leashes

How did we manage before retractable leashes? Although it not a great idea to use these leashes where there are many people, these are great for quiet walks at the park. Once you’re dog is leash trained, it is a nice treat to let them roam about with a bit more freedom. Thank you, retractable leash, for allowing my dog to run around while I stay still!

Locally-owned Pet StoresThanksgiving

You guys are the bread and butter of the pet community. Not only do you provide healthy food and products for our pets, but your store is an adventure to all four-legged customers who trot through the door. Thank you, local pet store owners, for giving us a fun place to shop and spend time with our fur kids.




I am thankful for you, sweet reader. You are the pet community. There is no better gathering than a pet event, filled with loving, gentle people who all have one thing in common. We love animals. We care for animals. We fight for animals. We work for animals. We write for animals. We see the good in the world through the innocent eyes of our fur kids. Because of you, thousands of dogs and cats have loving homes. Because of you, our animal shelters stay afloat. Because of you, I can write a blog about what I am thankful for. Thank you, pet community, for always choosing love, and making more room in your heart and life for your pets. (Free to Live Animal Sanctuary in picture)

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