Eugene’s Night Before Christmas

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Nicole Castillo

Eugene’s Night Before ChristmasAnastasia Wickham

Eugene the cat adored all types of toys
He stalked leaves and paper, he loved crinkly noise

So when Santa slid down the chimney that night
Eugene was amazed at this wondrous sight
This man smelled like wind and snow and sweet milk
He carried a bag full of noise, soft as silk

As St. Nick set down his luggage of gifts
The cat climbed right in to get a good sniff
Eugene was surrounded by all sorts of things
Fluffy bears, and trains, and toy phones that ring

Santa snacked on a cold glass of milk and cookies
Filled the stockings and placed presents under the tree
Then he leaned over, and took up his bag
Wherein the feline was taking a nap
Up on the roof they took off like a snap
Santa, the reindeer, the toys, and a cat

For the next hour, Eugene slept unaware
He finally woke up in east Delaware

St. Nick was munching his holiday treats
The stowaway leapt out, and as soon as his feet
Hit the carpet he knew he was not in his house
His striped ears turned down, he curled up in a crouch

When Kris Kringle bent down to retrieve his sack
He saw the scared cat and took a step back
He remembered this guy, from a house far away
He kneeled down, but frightened poor Eugene away

The cat hurry-scurried right under the couch
St. Nick pulled the tassel attached to his pouch
And dangled the end back and forth until
The feline sprang out and pounced for the kill
The second  he could, Santa scooped up Eugene
Laid him back in the sack, and tightened the string

Flew up to the roof, and consulted the deer
They took off like a whip and Kringle did steer
To Oklahoma, where the feline was from
And deposited him back on his living room rug

As the cat sat and watched St. Nick disappear
Up the fireplace, he meowed and old Claus did hear
Down the chimney chimed special Christmas cat toys
That landed by him with a wonderful noise
Eugene ran to the window, jumped up and peered out
At Kris laughing and speeding back to his route

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