To All the Pets I’ve Loved Before: Part II

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all our readers,

all the furry hearts we dedicate each and

every issue of OKC Pets magazine,

and to all the pets I’ve loved before.

Gather a pawful of pet people in a room and the animal love stories will start sprinkling throughout the conversation along with furry photos and bonding moments. I don’t think I ever leave a good party without boasting pictures of my senior border collie mix, Cheyanne, and my two fine felines, Kitty and Tim.

When my husband, Carlos, and I lived in Wanette, I was given a black kitten by Carlos’s grandpa. I named her Kitty because that’s the only sound she would perk her ears to.  We took her to the vet and found out she was already pregnant. She was an outside cat and we set her up in our crafting shed, with large windows for her to look out, but she soon escaped. We scoured all over the place and set up trapkittys, but no sign of our little friend appeared. A few weeks later I came home to find on my doorstep a pile of eight kittens, all the color of midnight. Tragically, the very same day, we also found Kitty on the side of the road, she had been hit and passed away.

We took her kittens, who were quite wild, and bottle fed them, wearing leather gloves to protect against their constant attacks to our hands. The kittens soon simmered down and I found homes for all but one. This quiet creature became our beloved little feline, Kitty II. She would answer to no other name than this, so we let her keep her mother’s name. It seemed fitting. She is a typical spooky cat, that parties all night and sleeps all day. She drinks water from her paw and steals Cheyanne’s food as a daily caper.

Tim is my 22-pound lump of fur and charm. I worked at a veterinarian office in Oklahoma City and we came to work to find a box at the back door with a thin rope tied to the door knob and running into the box. We opened the box and there was a large white and black cat squinting up at us. He seemed nice and we took him in and prepared a cage for him. As many animal hospitals do, we cared for this cat and tried to find a home for him. Every time I would clean the floors or bring animals back, this cat would reach out and pat my shoulder with his big hamburger bun paws. I fell in love and took him home for a trial run.

Carlos wasn’t really thrilled at another cat, but when I let this big sweetheart out of the carrier, he sauntered right over to my timhusband and settled down on his lap, purring a happy song. That was it. He was hooked. We at first named him Fats Domino because he has a spot on one side and two on the other, like a domino. He ignored this title and even turned his back on us. We called out a long list of names, and when we said Tim, he turned around and started purring. He has a high-pitched meow, which is surprising for a cat of his girth, and he is terrified of the sound of plastic bags. He also has a refined taste of chewing only the most expensive charging cords, such as from Carlos’s iPhone and my iPad. Only the best for Mr. Tim.

In my last blog I asked for some of your own loves stories and I wasn’t disappointed!

These two, Paisely and Ginger, will always be my first babies! My favorite has been watching them love and interact with my son! They just know he’s part of the family! -Stacey Cole, Oklahoma City


This is my Ruby!! It’s our first Valentine’s Day! Ruby found me actually…a client that has a smaller bird went & got her from someone who was giving her away for free.  A lot of people don’t realize how difficult parrots are…truthfully, they should not be pets… after a couple days at their house she asked me to help find her a home..I had her 30 min later & everyday since. She’s one of two macaws that we are determined to allow to live their lives to the fullest & have the best time possible! -Andrea Meister, Oklahoma City


It’s Mr. Kitty. His actual name is Jasper, and he’s a big, fluffy teddy bear. -Teresa Mirll, Edmond Ok

teresa mirril

This is Mr. Norbert Wigglebottom Bear. He is very drooly and snuggly. Unfortunately, he is sometimes both at the same time. He’s the first dog my husband ever let himself get attached to. He’s our empty nest dog, so he means a lot to us. -Ann Courtney, Joplin MO

ann courtney

Zhen was handed to me at 6 weeks and is now my best friend. Marissa Amposta, Carbondale IL

marissaHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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