What is the Best Way to Move with your Pets?

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Nicole Castillo

What is the Best Way to Move with your Pets?

What is the best way to move with your pets?Summer is here and that means many people are packing up and moving around. We will be changing addresses at the end of this month from an apartment in Edmond to a house near the Plaza District in Oklahoma City. Edmond has been our home for the past eight years, and our two cats and dog are much older than they were when we moved last. I’m worried how my sixteen-year-old border collie mix, Cheyanne, will adjust to the change. She has lost most of her hearing and her eyesight is fading. She knows every inch of our apartment and the grounds that we slowly walk her on. She will now have to learn a whole new area. The  house will have a yard for her to explore, but with that comes with a plethora of little dangers. For the first time in eight years, we will have to deal with treating a yard for fleas and ticks and making sure our pets have flea prevention. I need to choose something that is gentle for my pets as they are all older adults. Moving cats is never easy and I have some questions. I reached out to Acre View Pet Hospital in Edmond, for some tips to make this move as smooth as possible.

What is the best way to move with your pets?They recommended using nightlights throughout the house for Cheyanne, so she can navigate her way around safely. I will use that same train of thought for the yard as well, making sure there is adequate lighting when she’s outside. Have you heard of the Seresto collar? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either, but it’s what Acre View encourages for a flea and tick preventive. I’ll take three please! As for the yard, they suggested I talk to a pest control expert. I have two cats, Tim a 22 pound bag of fur, and Kitty, a 10-year old black cat. Because Kitty is much smaller than Tim, I asked if I should take her to the house first to establish hierarchy. They let me know that it’s best to move both animals together for comfort. Acre View also said to not wash their blankets so they can have something that smells like home to curl up on.

I now have a plan for moving my fur babies. I will line the cat carriers with blankets and move them into the washroom at the new house. I know to introduce them to the house slowly, one room at a time. I’ll leave the carriers out so they have a familiar place to rest and process the change. And treats. Oh, there will be treats. I want this to be a happy experience for them. I’ll buy a pack of night lights for Cheyanne and install them throughout the rooms. I’m glad it’s summer and the daylight lingers so Cheyanne will have no problem seeing the yard. We are also checking every inch of fencing to make sure nothing can get in or out. I’ll probably not let her out unsupervised for at least a week as I’m extra careful with my old girl.

Do you have any tips on moving with animals? I would love to hear them and share with others! Please drop a comment on our Facebook page or send me an email at [email protected]

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