OKC Pets Mag July / Aug 2017

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OKC Pets Magazine  July / Aug 2017

Publisher – Marilyn King  [email protected]

Creative Director – Debra Fite

Advertising Sales – Marilyn King, Steve Kirkpatrick, Nancy Harrison, Jimmy Jones, Midge Jones

Web Manager – Steve Kirkpatrick  [email protected]

Editor – Anna Holton-Dean

Contributing Writers – Marilyn King, Pat Becker, Derinda Blakeney, Heide Brandes, Nicole Castillo, Kaycee Chance, Jay Cronley, Nancy Gallimore, Anna Holton-Dean, Farah Payton-Snider, Jordan Southerland, Kirstie Starr-Carter, Cindy Webb

PO Box 14128 Tulsa, OK 74159-1128

(918) 520-0611

(918) 346-6044 Fax

©2017 All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher.

OKC Pets Magazine provides Oklahoma City area pet owners with a one-stop resource for local products, services, events and information.  Now OKC Pets Magazine Online is able to provide you with all of that and much more, interactive and up-to-the-minute!

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