Calling All Dog Ladies!

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Nicole Castillo

Calling All Dog Ladies!

Tucked into tCalling All the Dog Ladies!he pages of Facebook, a small group of females chat daily about everything canine. OKC Dogs Moms was created two years ago this month by Lauren Rutledge, a savvy dog owner who wanted a place just for women and their dogs. In the twenty-four months the page has existed, it has accrued 1,331 members who touch on subjects from lost dogs to cute pup pics.

“This group is for women and their pups.” says Lauren. “I am a member of a ton of meetup groups in OKC and there isn’t one place that is specific to just women and dogs.”Calling All the Dog Ladies!

Lauren has two adorable French bulldogs named Peewee and Louie. “They love going on car rides. Seriously, they don’t get excited about anything else like they do about getting in the car!” She loves driving her pups to their favorite places around the Oklahoma City metro, like Hollywood Feed and the Edmond dog park.

What I noticed about this page is the high level of support the members receive and offer each other. Many posts ask for opinions on dog food, veterinarians, pet stores, and training. The comments on these posts are always helpful and informative.

I have not seen any petty drama, which goes hand and hand with social media. These are animal-loving ladies that have formed a gentle community in the crazy world of Facebook. There are also the hard posts. Stories of sickness, loss, and beloved dogs passing on. The kind words of encouragement and sympathy touch my heart.

There are tentative plans for this group to gather together this year. “In 2016 we did a Halloween Party and silent auction. Everything went really well and we had a blast! Looking to do that again in 2018!” Lauren excitedly adds. The group also sells quarterly t-shirts and donates the profits to a local shelter or rescue. The last round of shirts benefited Mutt Misfits. They have a new “Dog Mother, Wine Lover” shirt coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I’m glad I came across this page. I think every OKC dog mom needs to benefit from this community of lovely women. It definitely brightens my day!

Calling All the Dog Ladies!

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