Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

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Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR ProgramHands Helping Paws Inc., a cat rescue and adoption organization in Norman, has some exciting news. This month, they have started a TNR program for the area! TNR stands for trap, neuter, and return to help control the cat population by spaying/neutering community cats. Community cats are strays, feral, or alley cats that live on the streets. These colonies of community cats are usually looked after by someone who feeds them in the neighborhood.

Hands Helping Paws is reaching out to these feline ambassadors to trap the cats and bring them in to have them spayed or neutered at no charge.

They started last week with four cats getting the simple operation and today, five more cats will be spayed/neutered.

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR ProgramLook at it this way. If a stray female cat has five kittens each year for five years (five years is the average life span of an unspayed female stray), then these 9 nine surgeries will prevent 225 kittens from being born on the streets. That does not include the litters of kittens coming from each hypothetical kitten!

Yes. The math is staggering.

Hands Helping Paws saw this problem and is doing something about it.

If you know of a colony of cats, or would like to donate to this worthy cause, contact Hands Helping Paws on Facebook.

Check out our January/February issue of OKC Pets Magazine to learn more about cat overpopulation and Operation Catnip Stillwater, another TNR organization dedicated to this problem.

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

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