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Faith’s Story

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Hi.  My name is Faith and I really didn’t know what it meant to be loved until PAAS rescued me and I got to go to the Richardson Birthing and Rehabilitation Center.  At first, I was scared so I went to the laundry room and just looked at the back door.  I even slept there.  Then I realized that all the other dogs living in this wonderful place were having fun in the rest of the house.

They tell me that after a week, I finally started to play with the others and even spent some nights sleeping on a bed made especially for me in their bedroom.


Faith before and after

 I had terrible itchy skin and big sores all over me. The nice people here started giving me these wonderful baths every other day for weeks.  It felt so good, so did all the pets and loving I got. I had big scars on my side from when I had my 4 litters of babies.  They had left some stitches in and those got taken out. They gave me special food to help me gain my weight back, I was really feeling good. They said I was in a foster home. Those are great places to go to, and I loved my foster parents and gave them lots of sloppy kisses. I even learned to sit, lie down, roll over and walk on a leash like a lady and best of all to trust humans again.

Next I remember going on this long, long ride with lots of other dogs.  We stopped, in the middle of the night, so all of us could stretch our legs, water and fertilize a dog park.  Then we loaded back up and headed to Colorado.

Here’s my update – I’ve left the building (Dumb Friends League) in Colorado for my forever home.  Patti wrote this so I know it’s correct:  I got adopted by a woman with a French bulldog who has obviously been very well cared for.  I got along with her and my new Mom.  So…keep the Faith – – – I did – – and I’m home!!!!

Save Lives 90% Live Release Rate by 2025

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Save Lives 90% Live Release Rate by 2025

Best Friends Animal Society has set a goal for Oklahoma to have a 90% live release rate for dogs and cats in shelters by 2025.  Based on what PAAS and our transport partners have accomplished the past two years, it no longer seems to be an impossible goal to reach.  Certainly, what I learned at the Collective Impact Convening Conference validated this is an attainable goal.

In the coming weeks, I will try to not sound like a broken record about spay/neuter and transport successes.  No guarantees – – just fair warning.  J  J  J.

Here’s the first installment.  Rhonda, Lacee and I attended the SAVELIVES.UNITEOKLAHOMA conference Monday, April 30th in Oklahoma City. It was sponsored by The Kirkpatrick Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society   They experienced the same “aha” moments I did while I was in Austin.  On Tuesday afternoon, we had a recap of the conference and it was fascinating to hear the excitement in their voices, the animation in their stories and the profound belief that we can have a 90% Live Release Rate by 2025 in rural Oklahoma.

Save Lives

It was especially rewarding to see all the teal blue PAAS Ride to Rescue t-shirts sprinkled throughout the conference room with the PAAS logo.  I’m writing this on a Tuesday evening, and tonight 31 dogs will head to Colorado – arriving at Dumb Friends League tomorrow morning.  Those that are “fixed” will soon have new homes, the other will join them after a brief stop in the operating room and a recovery period.

At the HSUS conference in May PAAS Pets for Life will be recognized for exceeding the goal of 400 spay/neuters in the first year of the program!!!!  We’re getting there.



Kay Stout, Director

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]


The Cats in the Neighborhood

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Holiday Gift

The Cats in the NeighborhoodSoon it will be winter – and rescues will be inundated with phone calls from concerned citizens.  Their concern will be the cats / kittens living in colonies in their neighborhood.  Each phone call will start and/or end with “Can you help me” or “Can I bring the 8, 18, 28, 4, 6 cats/kittens in today”.

Ninety nine percent of the time we’ll have to say “No, I’m sorry”.  It isn’t always about space.  It’s about supply and demand.  Yes there’s a supply – No there’s no demand.

When I recently spoke to a group of women, I challenged them to work with their neighbors, find a veterinarian who would understand their goal, go door-to-door to raise funds (and awareness), then spay/neuter (FIX) all the stray cats/kittens in their neighborhoods.  Fortunately, one of the members lived in a community that had recently done just that.  And………… the result…………. There are no hurt, hungry, ill cats/kittens facing a cold winter.

A fellow Rotarian told us “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch”.  Hmmm – – -he’s right.  Too often everyone sees the big picture – – cats running everywhere.  But they do not take that first step to fix the problem.  Yes, it is easier to complain, yes it is easier to call someone else to fix the problem.  The real answer is – – it starts with YOU – – everyone who’s reading this blog.

So go on a campaign in your neighborhood, find a veterinarian who will work with you and get the cats/kittens “fixed”.  You can significantly reduce the overpopulation (and suffering) of too many cats in too many places.

Kay Stout, Ex Director  PAAS Vinita  e [email protected]  981-256-7227

Walking the No-Kill Line

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CatsMost non-profit dog/cat rescues will advertise they are a “no kill”.  And, with few exceptions, that statement is true – – – for that rescue.  However, it doesn’t solve the problem of dog/cat over population.  The organizations faced with this reality are the municipal shelters/pounds that, by law, have to accept homeless, owner surrender, at-large animals.  Some municipal shelters are required to accept all animals that are homeless within their jurisdiction.  Can these shelters be “no-kill” – – – probably not in my lifetime.

Many rescues and shelters are no-kill of adoptable dogs/cats.  These organizations realize some animals are too injured or too sick and the humane solution is to end their suffering.  It is a decision never taken lightly and, for the most part, is done by people who truly care.

Since opening PAAS in April, we’ve been able to save 100+ dogs who’ve found homes not in Oklahoma – but in Colorado and Wyoming.  The organizations we’ve partnered with – ranging from large humane societies to foster-based – have provided a solution for 100 animals who found themselves homeless.  Following other area rescues, it is safe to say that more than 200 dogs and cats leave the northeastern half of Oklahoma every month.   It’s wonderful they will find homes; it’s tragic that each month there will still be 200+ who need a home.  Puppies and kittens seem to never, ever stop entering the world in our neck of the woods.

Yes – there’s a better way.  Yes – – everyone has heard the word – – – No – – they haven’t received the message.  One more time!!!!! Spay/Neuter works – – trust me.


Kay Stout, Executive Director  PAAS      e: [email protected]   P: 918-256-7227

Find a Rescue, Make a Difference

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Senior Advantage

Brandon SavannahThe PAAS mission is to find new homes for as many dogs and cats as possible – – a mission shared by other rescues in this area and this state.  And we’re doing it – – slowly but surely.  What is disheartening is that most of the homeless dogs will not find homes in Oklahoma – – but they will in Colorado and Minnesota and other destinations where they need (and want) our dogs.

Cats – – that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter has been open for 4 ½ months.  By the end of September we will have sent 100+dogs out-of-state to new homes, and 30+ have been adopted locally.  I follow the Facebook page for other rescues and their stories closely match ours.  We save lives by sending them out-of-state.

How wonderful it would be to not face this problem every week – – more dogs than there are homes for them in this area.  That isn’t reality –  – not sure if it will ever be.  Until then, we’ll find new destinations out-of-state and work very hard to be able to look into the eyes of scared dogs and know they will soon be in homes where they are loved and wanted.

For those who dump dogs along the highway, throw them out of the car, or just walk away and leave the animals to fend for themselves  – – – there are no words to express how angry, disappointed and frustrated we feel when we reach out to help.  It’s probably a good thing these heartless people can’t follow our closed groups on Facebook – – we do not mince words when we need to vent.

Want to help?  It takes money, animal food, animal supplies and volunteers to make it work.  That can be said for everyone who has a rescue operation.


Find a Rescue – – Make a Difference

Kay Stout, Director

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]


Megan – it’s why we rescue

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Megans StoryThis is Megan’s story…

I know I had a hard life until I was six years old.  That’s when a family took me in after I’d been dumped on a country road. The family was good to me – they gave me food and water and provided shelter outside.  I do not have a thick coat so it was really hard to stay warm in the cold Oklahoma winters – and cool in the hot summers – but I made it.

Fast forward six years and suddenly, without warning, I’m once again homeless.  This time, my family takes me to the Peaceful Animal Adoption Shelter in Vinita, Oklahoma.  The staff was friendly, but I was terrified.  My family was leaving me, there were lots of dogs and cats in the facility and oh, my goodness, the noise.  Yes, individuals spent time with me, I was sleeping indoors (which in the summer means a lot), but at 12 years of age I just want to be loved and have a home.

One night two volunteers brought me up to the front office where I met the Director.  I couldn’t help shaking – I was just scared.  Somehow the director understood my fear and got on the phone to a friend, Stacie.  They tell me she dropped everything to come back to Vinita and pick me up.  Yes, she adopted me sight unseen!!!!!!

Today I live with lots of friendly dogs and a pot-bellied pig (it took me awhile to figure out she wasn’t a dog).  I have a comfy bed in the den and at night it’s okay if I get in bed with Stacie and Richard so I can stay warm.  JJJ.

I saw the director today and she was so glad to see me.  She knows I’m happy because my tail never quits wagging.  I’m old, I’m loved and I have a home.  Life is good for Megan.

Kay Stout, Director   PAAS Vinita  [email protected]  918-256-7227

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