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Collaboration in Rescue

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Senior Advantage

Collaboration in Rescue

CollaborationCollaboration works – – just visit downtown OKC. If you think the people behind the MAPS program always agree – – you’re wrong. What they do agree on is rebuilding OKC, they’re willing to work collaboratively – and they’ve been more than successful.

I’m constantly dismayed at the verbal shots fired by people in rescue to and about other rescue organizations. The dogs and cats do not care WHO saves them – so long as somebody does.

Many people involved in rescue are there for all the right reasons.  They want to find new homes for as many animals as possible.  From there it moves slowly in an arc until you are working with people who truly care about the animals in their rescue and have a policy of only adopting after a home visit.

When it comes to those who rescue cats – the range is from those who feel passionately they should always be in-house pets. At the other end of the spectrum are the farmers and ranchers who need barn cats – – they really do.  If there is one common ground it is declawing – – I almost never, ever talk to someone who believes in this painful process.

Add to the mix the transport out-of-state for rescued dogs.  Some go by plane, some by car caravans – which is fascinating to see how 5 to 10+ people, using social media, will transport one or more dogs long distances to new homes.  In addition there are rescues, both shelter and foster, who send dogs to out-of-state shelters that need, yes need, dogs.  Here’s where the disconnect and sometimes nonprofessional bashing comes in to play.  Not sure why – it certainly doesn’t help the dogs.

I believe rescue can be as successful as downtown OKC – – we’re Oklahomans and we can work together.  I’ve seen it first hand – – downtown Oklahoma City.

Kay Stout, Director   PAAS Vinita  [email protected]  918-256-7227

Dogtober for half-price dog adoptions

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AdoptionsOctober is when nature puts on its grandest display of eye-popping colors, and you can help make it ‘Dogtober’ for the OKC Animal Shelter’s colorful canines by taking advantage of half-price dog adoptions.

Whether it’s a red cocker spaniel, a brindle terrier or a chocolate lab, the shelter’s adoptable dogs are in need of good homes.

“Dogs brighten our lives with their warmth and companionship,” said Animal Welfare Superintendent Julie Bank. “What could be more fun than frolicking in the autumn air with your new canine companion?”

But while it might be tempting to choose a new dog because of its golden locks, rust-colored kiss marks on its cheeks or a pair of dark, chocolate eyes, it’s important to consider lots of factors when adopting a dog. Be sure to choose a dog at the right age, size and temperament for your situation.

All adoptable pets at the Animal Shelter are up-to-date on vaccinations, treated for worms and spayed or neutered. The Animal Shelter, 2811 SE 29, is open for adoptions every day but holidays from noon to 5:45 p.m. Visit for more information.

Stay in touch with the City and Animal Welfare, which will have numerous outreach and adoption events this fall:

Watch City Channel 20 on Cox Cable or live anywhere on YouTube.


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PupPod 2

New US pet toy ‘PupPod’ promises to keep pups active and engaged while owners are away.

PupPod allows:

  • Pet parents to watch live video of their pups and interact remotely with them as their dogs play
  • Offers a new way to reduce boredom, destructive behaviour and separation anxiety
  • Allows dogs to learn new skills while owners are at work

 Pup Pod

No more lonely, bored dogs.


PupPod is a new interactive pet toy that helps reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior in your dog, helping them learn new skills when you’re at away. Pet parents can tune in and interact with their dog while they’re playing with PupPod as well as share and compare progress with friends via a mobile app.

Seattle based Erick Eidus, CEO and founder of PupPod said: “The response to PupPod has been amazing. After dogs have tested it and I go to pack it up, dogs tend to look at me like ‘hey, don’t take my toy away.’ You can tell they are totally engaged and want to keep playing and learning.”

“The feedback we’ve received from the Kickstarter campaign to date has been amazing. We’ve heard from dog experts as well as pet parents who all think that what we are doing is a real break-through in stimulating dogs mentally. Dogs can play PupPod on their own and the game evolves so that the dog is always challenged. In a recent interview with the Discovery Channel, their science reporter said that in four years of covering technology, he’d never seen anything like PupPod and he was super excited about the product.”

“PupPod is actually a very ambitious project. There’s the toy and treat dispenser for the dog. There’s the video camera in the hub for streaming video to a pet parents phone. There’s the PupCloud service and algorthms to analyze all the data from game play so the dog is always challenged and pet parents can start to understand what their dog is thinking and how their dog compares to other dogs of the same breed or age. And we have big plans – a roadmap for a series of toys that all connect to PupPod.”

“PupPod is really a platform to connect dogs and pet parents in a way that hasn’t been available before.”

See it at

Barking Dog Bakery – OKC

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Ween Pic 30

Ween Pic 31It turns out I am not Mom and Pops’ biological child. I know this is shocking. Since they don’t know when my actual birthday is, they decided to celebrate my Adoption Anniversary with a trip to Barking Dog Bakery, 10455 N. May Ave. Barking Dog has a variety of handmade treats made with high quality ingredients just for me! You can also special order birthday/celebration cakes, and they’ll even do custom cakes for kitties, if you are so inclined. In addition they have a boutique of packaged upscale treats and pup accessories.

Mom and Pops let me sniff around a little… Read More

Fuzzy’s Tacos – Edmond

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Ween Pic 28

Ween Pic 29We have been huge fans of the Fuzzy’s Tacos in Bricktown for some time now, so saying that we are super excited for Edmond to finally have a Fuzzy’s, well, that is an understatement! Mom and Pops have been doing drive-bys of the new location, 1462 S. Bryant, Edmond, just waiting for news of its opening. This week it finally happened. If you’re thinking we might be a bit too enthusiastic over tacos, you have obviously never been to Fuzzy’s!

First off, we give HUGE props to Fuzzy’s for being actively dog-friendly (see sign to the left). We weren’t really worried, since we know that other locations welcome wieners and my kind, but it is always nice when businesses want me there. That just means they will be getting more of Pops’ money. Also, their beer is served in big goblets, which always seems to make Mom and Pops be in a better mood. Third, their food is super… Read More


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by Julie Bank, Animal Welfare Superintendent

OKC Animal Welfare


Kids and AnimalsWhen I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I was that kid who loved everything about animals. I had pictures of animals from an old calendar on my wall. I had over 50 stuffed animals on my bed at any time. My dog, Brandi, was my best friend. As I got older, I still loved animals, but the thought of going to school to be a doctor was daunting and left my thoughts very quickly.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized there were many more ways to help animals; I just didn’t know about them. I found my passion in animal sheltering and never looked back. Boy, how I wish there was something for me as a kid, however, that would have exposed me to animal issues at a much younger age. I believe it would have changed the course of my life earlier on and in college. Luckily, I found what I was meant to do but not every kid is as lucky.  Until now!

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare recently introduced a new program called Kids for OKC Animals to encourage kids to get involved and to learn about animal issues in OKC. This community engagement program is designed for kids 18 and under, giving ideas and tools to make a difference for homeless animals.  A colorful packet describes ideas ranging from reading humane books, writing stories and fundraising drives, to hands-on volunteering at the shelter. Kids are encouraged to get creative and to come up with their own ideas as well. Activities are appropriate for individuals and groups, and are great for school-based community service projects.


Madaline, 9, and Hank, 7, are a brother and sister team that comes to the shelter once a week with their mom to help socialize cats. They have both become a “Kid for OKC Animals.” “There are a lot of animals that people don’t want, but they all need good homes,” Madaline says passionately. “Making them more friendly and comfortable helps them get adopted,” she says. This is what motivates them to get up early on Saturdays to brush and pet the cats.

When the brother sister duo joined the Kids for OKC Animals program, they were asked to sign a pledge that reads:

I will work hard to:

  • Give time to help animals at OKC Animal Welfare.
  • Be respectful and kind to all animals.
  • Share experiences about OKC Animal Welfare with others.
  • Complete one service project per year.

They have made their pledge and have volunteered every week since. They have also both committed to bringing this program to their school to encourage others to participate and to do a fundraising drive during the holidays.

“The Kids for OKC Animals program is all about making a difference and learning that you, no matter what age you are, can do something small or big to help,” says Jon Gary, Unit Supervisor at OKC Animal Welfare. “Our goal is to help animals at the shelter and to instill empathy for animals at a young age in an effort to create compassionate adults. Who knows, maybe because of this program a kid will grow up to work with animals someday?”

For more information, or to become a Kid for OKC Animals and to receive a packet, email [email protected].