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The health and social benefits of pet ownership

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Tom Clarke , Marketing Executive –  Greyhounds As Pets

health and social benefits of pet ownership

July / August OKC Pets Magazine

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Publisher – Marilyn King

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Editor – Anna Holton-Dean

Contributing Writers – Marilyn King, Anna Holton-Dean, Emily Cefalo, Pat Becker, Nancy Gallimore, Brianna Broersma, Nicole Castillo, Kaycee Chance, Blaize Dicus, Allan Hendrickson

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Heartland CPR – PET Project First Aid + CPR

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Heartland CPR

The PET Project is pleased to be affiliated with local veterinarian, Staci Robertson of Nichols Hills Vet Clinic.  Staci has helped tweak our First Aid program with her suggestions and we are excited to offer this valuable class to the public with her input fully incorporated, alongside the Feldman method of Pet CPR.  Whether you work with pets or just live with and love your own, the affordable program will give you the tools and confidence to help in almost any emergency.

The next class is   PET Project First Aid + CPR   Sun, Jul 12 @ 4 pm  Heartland CPR  $40


Heartland CPR


[email protected]

The Pump Bar + Uptown 23rd Farmer’s Market

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Ween Pic 26Mom and Pops don’t need much of an excuse to day drink, so we figured the Uptown 23rd Farmers Market was a good reason to go have a boozy brunch at The Pump Bar, 2425 N Walker Ave.

Now, a few warnings. #1 it can be incredibly difficult to find a table at The Pump. While there is an abundance of outdoor seating, we have done multiple drive-bys when we were in the vicinity, only to find the whole joint completely jam-packed. This time, we arrived right after they opened for brunch at 11:00 and they were already pretty busy, but we managed to find a spot. Warning #2, their sign says “service dogs only” on the patio. but we are pretty sure this is just some sort of legal mumbo-jumbo to avoid liability in case of any accidents. No one batted an eye at me, there were TONS of dogs there, and they even have water buckets labeled for pups.

Mom and Pops split breakfast tacos and french toast sticks, and they started stuffing said food into their faces before they thought to take a picture. But they gave a double thumbs up to both. The Pump serves upscale bar snacks during their regular operating hours, and also… Read More

The Patriarch + New Fast-Casual Patios

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Ween Pic 24Heaven is a place on earth, and it’s located at 9 E. Edwards St., Edmond. The Patriarch Craft Beer House and Lawn opened this week and it already seems poised for extreme success.

Located in a renovated circa-1903 house near UCO, The Patriarch offers 48 (!!) beers on tap, plus a few bottles, wines, whiskeys, and craft root beer for your DD. This joint is ACTIVELY dog-friendly which is a huge plus for me! There is tons and tons and tons of outdoor seating, including some grassy areas for me, in case I need to well, do my business.

An outdoor window allows pup parents to order without having to leave their furries outside, but there is an enclosed dog-run if needed. A water bowl for me and my kind is also located near the dog run.

Now, the downside. We have already seen that lines can get incredibly long. The night we went was a special “Pint Night” for Roughtail Brewery, and… Read More


Collaboration – it works

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Collaboration and social media are powerful and they validate the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”. It applies to rescue as well.  Downtown Oklahoma City is an example – – today it is a vibrant place – – 16 years ago – – there was blowing dust and vacant buildings.  PAAS recently used both collaboration and social media to help some adorable, cute, funny, fantastic dogs.  It started with a connection made more than a year ago.  The result was 13 puppies will have new homes, information will be shared via social media and three rescues, lots of volunteers – especially Tom the bus driver – -are now connected to build a wider net to save more dogs.


If collaboration was embraced by more rescues, more dogs and cats could be saved, more adoptive homes discovered and the synergy that comes from collaboration would significantly change the face of rescue.  When you are passionate about rescue, it can be challenging to work together – – but  the dogs and cats do not carewho saves them – – they just want someone to step up.

Kay Stout, Executive Director – PAASVinita  – – e:  [email protected]  918-256-7227