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May / June 2014 OKC Pets Magazine

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Easter Lilies are toxic to cats!

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Easter Lily

Easter LilyCat owners, please keep in mind that Easter lilies are very toxic to your cat!  We have learned of some recent fatalities of cats that have ingested the leaves, and have learned that even the pollen from Easter lilies can be toxic.  Please beware!

Snake bite season is here

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The weather is warming up and pets and people alike are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Keep in mind as your pets spend more time outside that April is the beginning of snake bite season.

Though most snake bites are reported at the end of summer, typical spring cleaning in the yard such as clearing leaves and underbrush can unintentionally disturb venomous snakes that come out as early as April.

Copperheads, rattlesnakes and water moccasins (cottonmouth) are the most common venomous snakes in central and eastern Oklahoma. For more information on how to identify these snakes, click here.

If you suspect your animal has been bitten by a snake, seek care immediately at an emergency facility which is more likely to keep antivenin in stock than a general practice vet.

Tourniquets are not advised. Some vets suggest using Benadryl or other antihistamine depending on the type of antivenin that will be administered. The best bet is to call ahead to the facility you plan to transport to and find out what they recommend.

– Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Hillbilly Po’Boys & Oysters

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A nice Friday night saw us heading to Hillbilly Po’Boys & Oysters, 1 NW 9th St.  Located in Automobile Alley right next to Sara Sara Cupcakes, this joint gets an A+++ for ween-friendliness. I was greeted with organic apple cinnamon pup treats and my very own bowl of ice water. I even drank from it.

The menu is pretty straightforward, with apps, poboys, beer, and moonshine-based cocktails. They serve water and some drinks in jars to give that true hillbilly feel. Mom got some moonshine concoction made with coke and cherry and she said it was awesome.

Mom and Pops each got a po’boy- meatball for Mom and pulled pork for Pops. I got to sample both, along with a tiny bit of fried taters (housemade chips) and it was good stuff. Their desserts  Read More

Urban Johnnie + Sara Sara Cupcakes

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In our quest for ween-friendly dining, we knew that Urban Johnnie, 121 NE 2nd Street OKC, had to be on our list. This new restaurant is operated by the same peeps that run West and Johnnie’s.  Since West is particularly dog-friendly, we figured Urban Johnnie would be right up our alley.

The service and ween-centricness of this joint get an A++. I was brought my own bowl of water and milkbone treats from our outstanding server. The patio is Read More

Western Avenue on the Lawn + Irma’s Burger Shack

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First off, let me say that the whole idea of Western Avenue on the Lawn is super cool for the target audience. The lawn behind Whole Foods, 6001 N. Western Avenue, was transformed into a backyard party complete with a bounce house, lawn games, and “pop-up patios” from Sushi NekoRePUBlic, and The Lobby Cafe and Bar. However, as soon as we saw the army of Nichols Hills moms with their designer strollers in the parking lot, Mom and Pops realized that we are definitely not the target audience. We snapped a few pics to show the gist of the event, but decided to move on.

Still in need of grub, we migrated down the block to Irma’s Burger Shack,1035 NW 63rd. In restaurant terms, Irma’s is pretty much the old guard, since it has been around well before Classen Curve/The Triangle/etc. made 63rd and Western yuppie central. Irma’s has solid, simple offerings of burgers, sandwiches, and the like. Nothing groundbreaking here, but that isn’t what you go to Irma’s for. The standout item is a burger made with “No-Name” beef. I was being such a good girl Read More