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Save Lives 90% Live Release Rate by 2025

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Save Lives

Save Lives 90% Live Release Rate by 2025

Best Friends Animal Society has set a goal for Oklahoma to have a 90% live release rate for dogs and cats in shelters by 2025.  Based on what PAAS and our transport partners have accomplished the past two years, it no longer seems to be an impossible goal to reach.  Certainly, what I learned at the Collective Impact Convening Conference validated this is an attainable goal.

In the coming weeks, I will try to not sound like a broken record about spay/neuter and transport successes.  No guarantees – – just fair warning.  J  J  J.

Here’s the first installment.  Rhonda, Lacee and I attended the SAVELIVES.UNITEOKLAHOMA conference Monday, April 30th in Oklahoma City. It was sponsored by The Kirkpatrick Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society   They experienced the same “aha” moments I did while I was in Austin.  On Tuesday afternoon, we had a recap of the conference and it was fascinating to hear the excitement in their voices, the animation in their stories and the profound belief that we can have a 90% Live Release Rate by 2025 in rural Oklahoma.

Save Lives

It was especially rewarding to see all the teal blue PAAS Ride to Rescue t-shirts sprinkled throughout the conference room with the PAAS logo.  I’m writing this on a Tuesday evening, and tonight 31 dogs will head to Colorado – arriving at Dumb Friends League tomorrow morning.  Those that are “fixed” will soon have new homes, the other will join them after a brief stop in the operating room and a recovery period.

At the HSUS conference in May PAAS Pets for Life will be recognized for exceeding the goal of 400 spay/neuters in the first year of the program!!!!  We’re getting there.



Kay Stout, Director

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]


OKC Pets Mag May / Jun 2018

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OKC Pets

OKC Pets Magazine  May / Jun 2018

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OKC Pets Magazine provides Oklahoma City area pet owners with a one-stop resource for local products, services, events and information.  Now OKC Pets Magazine Online is able to provide you with all of that and much more, interactive and up-to-the-minute!

ASPCA App Helps Us Prepare for Spring Storms

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Nicole Castillo

ASPCA App Helps Us Prepare for Spring Storms

ASPCA App Helps Us Prepare for Spring StormsSevere weather is in this week’s forecast and that means we need to prepare. The ASPCA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, has an app that will help get you and your pets ready for hostile storms.

Just download the app, and check out its features.

Tap the Disasters icon and learn tips on how to keep your pets safe before, during, and after severe weather.

The information includes making sure your pets have proper identification in case they become lost. There is also an area where you can take a picture of your pet’s medical records, so you can have them on hand if you are unable to access them in an emergency.ASPCA App Helps Us Prepare for Spring Storms

Do you have any other tips that would be beneficial for this coming weather season? Share them with us here in the comments, or on Facebook.

Be safe out there!

Cruelty-Cutter Clashes with my Cleaners

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Nicole Castillo

Cruelty-Cutter Clashes with my Cleaners

CrueltyCruelty-Clutter Cutter is an app that scans household products and tells you if they are cruelty-free. Cruelty-free means that a certain product has not been tested on animals.

I downloaded the free app and followed the super easy instructions. I began scanning products in my house and was disappointed to see that most of the products in my home were NOT cruelty-free. Check it out.


Dawn Dish Soap. Everyone has watched the commercial of good citizens cleaning birds and seals with Dawn after an oil spill. I figured this brand to be safe. I was wrong. Dawn is not cruelty-free.

Cruelty Clutter Gain Fabric Softener. I grew up with this product! The soft smell takes me back to a time where I didn’t have to do my own laundry. I scanned the bottle and my nostalgia turned sour as I saw that my beloved Gain was not cruelty-free.

Oxiclean Laundry Detergent. I love Oxiclean! It cleans clothes so well, but now it just makes me feel dirty. Oxiclean, not cruelty-free.

Dial Hand Soap. “Aren’t you glad you use Dial?” No, I’m not. Not cruelty-free.

Cruelty ClutterHempz Body Lotion. This is my favorite lotion. It’s the only thing that keeps my dry hands from looking like the Crypt Keeper. I am finally in luck. My soft hands clap for joy as I scan the bottle and the green lettering says, Cruelty-Free! Yay!

Sadly, the Hempz Lotion is the only thing I scanned that was cruelty-free. I need to re-evaluate how I shop. When I started keeping house, about twenty years ago, I sought out products based on value and stayed with them. Now, I know better. And knowledge is power, right? Or guilt? Both?

The great thing about Cruelty Cutter is it gives you an option to look for similar products that are cruelty-free. When it comes time to shop, I can simply open the app and see what my alternative choices are.

This app was eye-opening. I’m pretty embarrassed at my support of products that experiment on animals. It will take time to find products I love as much as my usual buys, but I can’t keep purchasing these brands, knowing what I know.Cruelty Clutter




Oklahoma State Free Service Animal Eye Exams

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Oklahoma State



Oklahoma State University Veterinary Medical Hospital to Provide Free Eye Exams to Oklahoma Service & Working Animals through the ACVO® and StokesRx Annual Event in May

Registration for the 2018 National Service Animal Eye Exam event in U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico opens April 1  

Stillwater, Oklahoma (March 29, 2018) – Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital to provide free eye exams to Service and Working Animals in Stillwater during the month of May as part of The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO®)’s 11th annual ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event. Board certified veterinary ophthalmologists across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will collectively provide more than 7,500 free eye exams as part of the annual program in 2018.

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists is an approved veterinary specialty organization of the American Board of Veterinary Specialties that board certifies veterinarians as ophthalmologists. The organization developed the ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event in 2008, and since its inception, nearly 60,000 Service and Working Animals have received free screening eye exams — including approximately 7,500 in 2017 during the 10th Anniversary event.

Honor, a three-year-old yellow lab Service Dog trained by Freedom Dogs in San Diego, received her first free eye exam during the ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event in the 2017 10th Anniversary event (picture can be found here). Like many Service Dogs, Honor works loyally each day to help her handler, Marine, Cpl. TJ Melhus, with tasks such as, medication retrieval, retrieval of dropped items, blocking people from approaching, alerting of people approaching from behind, and redirecting anxiety attacks through pressure from her chin.

“It was so important for Honor to take part in the ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event for the first time in 2017,” said Katie Stoll, Honor’s trainer/puppy raiser at Freedom Dogs. “The free eye exams provide Service Animal handlers with the comfort of knowing their animals are healthy — sight is an asset these dogs use each day to keep their handlers safe.”

Around 300 board certified veterinary ophthalmologists throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico will donate their time and resources to provide free screening exams to Service and Working Animals in May. In addition to dogs, other Service or Working Animals including horses, miniature horses, donkeys, alpacas and cats can receive free sight-saving exams.

The goal of the ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam event is to provide as many free screening exams as possible to eligible Service and Working Animals. The following types of Working or Service Animals may qualify: guide, handicapped assistance, detection, military, search and rescue, and current, registered therapy animals – all whom selflessly serve the public.

This year’s event is sponsored by ACVO® and Stokes Pharmacy, as well as several generous industry sponsors.  Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital and participating board certified ophthalmologists volunteer their services, staff and facilities at no charge for Service and Working Animals and their owners/agents to participate in the event.



To qualify, Service and Working Animals must be “active working animals” that have been trained through a formal training program or organization, or are currently enrolled in a formal training program. The training organization could be national, regional or local in nature. More qualification details are available here. Owners/agents for the animal(s) must FIRST register the animal via an online registration form beginning April 1 at Registration ends April 30. Once registered online, the owner/agent will receive a registration number and will be allowed access to a list of participating ophthalmologists. Then, they may contact a specialist to schedule an appointment, which will take place during the month of May.  Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital requires that participants meet all event qualifications and provide the assigned registration number over the phone. Times may vary depending on the facility and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so owners/agents are encouraged to register and make appointments early.

About the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists®

The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists® (ACVO®) is an approved veterinary specialty organization of the American Board of Veterinary Specialties, and is recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Its mission is “to advance the quality of veterinary medicine through certification of veterinarians who demonstrate excellence as specialists in veterinary ophthalmology.” To become board certified, a candidate must successfully complete a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, a one-year internship, a three-year ACVO® approved residency and pass a series of credentials and examinations. For more information, please visit

About Stokes Pharmacy

Stokes Pharmacy is a national, full-service compounding pharmacy specializing in the art and science of the custom formulation of prescription medicines for humans and animals. Leading the way in innovation, Stokes invites veterinarians to prescribe compounded medications online securely, quickly, and accurately via iFill, a cloud-based prescription management system. For more information, visit

About Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital

Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Medical Hospital is part of OSU’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, one of only 30 veterinary colleges in the United States. The Hospital is open to the public and provides routine wellness and specialized care for small and large animals. Certified by the American Animal Hospital Association, the Hospital offers 24-hour emergency care. For more information, visit or call (405) 744-7000.

Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday!

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Nicole Castillo

Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday!

Animal Welfare Expo 2018What are you doing this weekend? If you’re one of the cool cats in town, you will be heading to Norman for the Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday. Hands Helping Paws teamed up with the Cleveland County Fairgrounds to put on a great day of high-flying dogs, mouth-watering food trucks, great booths, free adoptions, and a special visit from the Kitten Lady.

You can get your pet micro-chipped for $10, watch a disc demonstration by Tornado Alley Disc Dogs, look for a forever friend from Norman Animal Welfare, have lunch at one of the food trucks, and if you have registered, attend a Kitten Workshop by the Kitten Lady. The workshop is sold out of tickets as of today.

What you need to know:

Animal Welfare Expo, Saturday, March 24, 9am – 2pm, Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 615. E. Robinson Street, Norman.

Tornado Alley Disc Dogs Demo at NOON.

Norman Animal Welfare will have Fee Waived Dog Adoptions.

In addition, NAW is hosting the microchip outreach and will be using the HomeAgain chips. Each chip is $10 each. Dogs must be on a leash and cats in carriers. As an existing HomeAgain customer, you are entitled to basic recovery service for life. None of the annual membership benefits (Lost Pet Alerts, Emergency Medical Hotline, Travel Assistance, etc.) will be available to you unless you choose membership for $19.99/year.

Food Trucks (11am – 1pm) – Big Truck Tacos, Phill Me Up CheesesteaksEskimo Sno

In preparation of puppy and kitten season Norman Animal Welfare will be accepting donations. Below is a list of some suggested items.

DONATION DRIVE FOR PUPPIES/DOGS – Kong’s, collars, leashes, canned puppy food or adult food. Small bags of dry food.

DONATION DRIVE FOR KITTENS/CATS SUPPLIES- Ciao Churu Creamy Purée Cat Treats – Four 0.5 oz. Tubes – Tuna with Chicken Recipe (Walmart); So Phresh Heavy Duty Litter Scoop (Petco); Whisker City® Pet Nail Scissors (PetSmart); SENTRY® PurrScriptions® Flea Cat Comb (PetSmart); ExquisiCat® Naturals Paper Cat Litter – Natural, Fragrance Free (PetSmart); Nursing bottle Kits (Petco, PetSmart, Atwoods); Dry Kibble – Royal Canin® Feline Health Nutrition™ Mother & Babycat Cat Food (Petco and PetSmart); Canned Baby Food – Royal Canin® Baby Cat Instinctive Kitten Food- LOAF in SAUCE (Petco and PetSmart) ; Toys- mice, feathers, crinkle balls;

DONATION DRIVE FOR OTHER SUPPLIES: Paper towels, Dawn Dish Soap original scent 8 FL OZ bottle, Lysol® Dual Action Citrus Scent Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct Plastic Container

Animal Welfare Expo 2018

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