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Dear Oklahoma City Citizen,

This week there will be two of four public meetings regarding the proposed MAPS 4 initiative by our city council. Because of your past interest in Oklahoma City’s positive transformation, we encourage you to learn about the crisis situation at the Oklahoma City animal shelter. On Thursday, we will be advocating that a new shelter be included in the next wave of transformational policies enacted by our local government.

Oklahoma City’s animal shelter is dangerously overcrowded and functionally obsolete for the needs of animals in our growing city. The building has never been right, and city staff has articulated a desperate need for a complete overhaul. Although big improvements in the save rate have been made over the last decade, tragically, 476 animals had to be euthanized in June alone. A new shelter for Oklahoma City as part of MAPS 4 will be a game changer for people and animals alike.


We need your help this Thursday!

1. This Thursday at 10 a.m., come to the City Coucil Chambers as we present the concept for the new OKC animal shelter.

Join PAWS for MAPS 4 as we present the concept to build a state-of-the-art new animal facility in MAPS 4 to Mayor David Holt and the Oklahoma City Council this Thursday at 10 a.m. (Meeting begins at 9 a.m., and our presentation is the fifth one on the agenda.)

Volunteers will be on hand to distribute PAWS for MAPS 4 materials so you can show your support! (Be an early bird and you might even receive a free PAWS for MAPS 4 T-shirt!)
Please plan to arrive at City Hall, 200 North Walker, at 9:45 a.m. And WEAR RED! We want to demonstrate the strength of our movement by packing the gallery! Jonathan Gary, superintendent for the City of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare, and Louisa McCune, education director of PAWS for MAPS 4, will be presenting the concept and need for a new animal shelter.

2. Attend our rally this Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the East Lawn of City Hall. 

We will host a brief rally on the East Lawn of City Hall Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. We want members of the media and our government officials to understand how passionately Oklahoma City residents care about animals and how essential a new shelter is for our great city.

If you are attending the rally, please bring your own hand-made signs. Other signs will be available.

If you are ONLY attending the rally, feel free to bring your pets! (Pets cannot be brought into the municipal gallery unless they are certified service animals.)

Can you join us this Thursday?

Please click the link below if you are joining us. It is very important for us to gauge head count.

Yes, I will attend the presentation.
Yes, I will attend the rally.
Yes, I will attend both events!

The links above allow us to gauge attendance numbers only. Your name and email address will not be used or shared. Your information is 100% private and secure.
Thank you for adding your voice to our cause, a new modern animal shelter in MAPS 4. We hope to see you Thursday! Our animals are counting on you!

The PAWS for MAPS 4 Team

P.S. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions.

DVM Rebekah Hartfield Nominated for Award

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DVM Rebekah Hartfield Nominated for Award

by Anna Holton-Dean

Dr. Rebekah Hartfield likes to say, “I fought to get into vet school, fought to stay in, and fought to get out.” Her personal struggle to pursue her passion of being a veterinarian is a badge she wears with honor.

Hartfield’s quote comes from a nomination letter which has earned her a spot as one of five finalists in the fifth annual American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards™, sponsored by Zoetis.

Pistol Pic 1.jpg (1) Hartfield, DVM, is a graduate of Oklahoma State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. At the Cushing Veterinary Clinic in rural Oklahoma, she is one of about 25 veterinarians that cares for over 57,000 food animals in Payne County—equating to 2,200 animals per veterinarian.


In addition to a 60-hour per week schedule of caring for animals, she has authored two children’s books—the Doctor Hartfield Veterinary Book series.


The series chronicles Abby, a young girl who lives on a farm, and Dr. H. as they examine, diagnose and treat various animals on Abby’s farm. The series focuses on stories about caring for small and large breed animals, like pigs and horses, to increase exposure and interest in large breed animals as well as companion pets. She hopes to spark a desire in young children to help care for all of God’s creatures and encourage the next generation of veterinarians.

Her first book, “Rosie the Pig” was published in July 2017 and tells the story of Abby’s pig, Rosie.  Hartfield has sold over 1,500 copies of “Rosie the Pig” and read to over 5,000 students in schools across Oklahoma and Texas. The educational tools like quizzes and glossary of terms included in each book make the book series a great addition to animal science curriculum.

Her American Humane Hero Veterinarian nomination comes just one month before the release of her second book, “Pistol the Horse,”  available to the public at a book launch party on Saturday, June 16 from 2 – 5 p.m. at Stillwater Milling Company, 502 E. 6th Ave. in Stillwater.

Proceeds from the sale of the books are used to support a scholarship at the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

The public is also invited to visit every day between now and August 2, to vote for Dr. Hartfield as 2018’s top American Hero Veterinarian.


Join us at OKCPets in congratulating Dr. Hartfield for this worthy nomination. We say thank you for working to better the lives of animals in Oklahoma and giving back to future veterinarians.

The Mission to Find Brisby

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The Mission to Find Brisby:

OKC’s Amazing Pet-Loving Community

By Anna Holton-Dean

When Mercedes Wessels made the trek from Minnesota to Oklahoma City for the BrisbyBetter Barrel Races World Finals on April 24, she didn’t expect the theft of her Border Collie mix puppy, Brisby, to be the most memorable aspect of the trip. However, the pet-loving community of OKC has banned together to help bring him home, and that is an even greater memory Mercedes will always cherish.

The Day Brisby Went Missing

“We stayed at a lady’s house for the day because the fairgrounds didn’t allow horses on the property until midnight. So we stayed off of Chisholm to sleep (we drove overnight) and let our horses stretch and relax,” Mercedes says. “We left that house at 9 p.m. to head to the fairgrounds. We stopped at McDonald’s off of Meridian and Reno, ran inside for maybe five minutes, came out, and Brisby was gone.

“We had two dogs with us, both in the living quarters of the trailer. Normally, Brisby always rides with me in the vehicle, but it was a short 2.5-mile trip, and both dogs were sleeping in there when we loaded up.”

‘Find Brisby OKC’            

One month later, Brisby is still missing, but hundreds have rallied together and are still actively searching for him with the hope of bringing him home to Mercedes in Minnesota. The Facebook group “Find Brisby OKC” has over 1,200 members and is steadily growing. In addition to sharing the page and searching the OKC area, members have even taken the search nationwide, posting Craigslist ads in various states and searching shelter photos daily. From the use of tracking dogs to organizing group prayer, members are doing all they can and say they will not give up until Brisby is found.

While she is devastated by the loss of her pup, Mercedes is overwhelmed at the kindness and selflessness of so many strangers who want to reunite her with her beloved pet.

“It really warms my heart,” she says. “I’ve never been so thankful. God couldn’t have handpicked a better crowd. You forget on occasion that people care—what a wonderful reminder!”

Brisby could be anywhere by now and is currently 11 months old. He is a red/white Border Collie mix with a white-tipped tail. If you believe you have possibly spotted him, take a picture and text it to (218) 820-2309.