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Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday!

posted March 22nd, 2018 by
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Nicole Castillo

Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday!

Animal Welfare Expo 2018What are you doing this weekend? If you’re one of the cool cats in town, you will be heading to Norman for the Animal Welfare Expo this Saturday. Hands Helping Paws teamed up with the Cleveland County Fairgrounds to put on a great day of high-flying dogs, mouth-watering food trucks, great booths, free adoptions, and a special visit from the Kitten Lady.

You can get your pet micro-chipped for $10, watch a disc demonstration by Tornado Alley Disc Dogs, look for a forever friend from Norman Animal Welfare, have lunch at one of the food trucks, and if you have registered, attend a Kitten Workshop by the Kitten Lady. The workshop is sold out of tickets as of today.

What you need to know:

Animal Welfare Expo, Saturday, March 24, 9am – 2pm, Cleveland County Fairgrounds, 615. E. Robinson Street, Norman.

Tornado Alley Disc Dogs Demo at NOON.

Norman Animal Welfare will have Fee Waived Dog Adoptions.

In addition, NAW is hosting the microchip outreach and will be using the HomeAgain chips. Each chip is $10 each. Dogs must be on a leash and cats in carriers. As an existing HomeAgain customer, you are entitled to basic recovery service for life. None of the annual membership benefits (Lost Pet Alerts, Emergency Medical Hotline, Travel Assistance, etc.) will be available to you unless you choose membership for $19.99/year.

Food Trucks (11am – 1pm) – Big Truck Tacos, Phill Me Up CheesesteaksEskimo Sno

In preparation of puppy and kitten season Norman Animal Welfare will be accepting donations. Below is a list of some suggested items.

DONATION DRIVE FOR PUPPIES/DOGS – Kong’s, collars, leashes, canned puppy food or adult food. Small bags of dry food.

DONATION DRIVE FOR KITTENS/CATS SUPPLIES- Ciao Churu Creamy Purée Cat Treats – Four 0.5 oz. Tubes – Tuna with Chicken Recipe (Walmart); So Phresh Heavy Duty Litter Scoop (Petco); Whisker City® Pet Nail Scissors (PetSmart); SENTRY® PurrScriptions® Flea Cat Comb (PetSmart); ExquisiCat® Naturals Paper Cat Litter – Natural, Fragrance Free (PetSmart); Nursing bottle Kits (Petco, PetSmart, Atwoods); Dry Kibble – Royal Canin® Feline Health Nutrition™ Mother & Babycat Cat Food (Petco and PetSmart); Canned Baby Food – Royal Canin® Baby Cat Instinctive Kitten Food- LOAF in SAUCE (Petco and PetSmart) ; Toys- mice, feathers, crinkle balls;

DONATION DRIVE FOR OTHER SUPPLIES: Paper towels, Dawn Dish Soap original scent 8 FL OZ bottle, Lysol® Dual Action Citrus Scent Disinfecting Wipes 35 ct Plastic Container

Animal Welfare Expo 2018

Calling All Dog Ladies!

posted January 30th, 2018 by
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Nicole Castillo

Calling All Dog Ladies!

Tucked into tCalling All the Dog Ladies!he pages of Facebook, a small group of females chat daily about everything canine. OKC Dogs Moms was created two years ago this month by Lauren Rutledge, a savvy dog owner who wanted a place just for women and their dogs. In the twenty-four months the page has existed, it has accrued 1,331 members who touch on subjects from lost dogs to cute pup pics.

“This group is for women and their pups.” says Lauren. “I am a member of a ton of meetup groups in OKC and there isn’t one place that is specific to just women and dogs.”Calling All the Dog Ladies!

Lauren has two adorable French bulldogs named Peewee and Louie. “They love going on car rides. Seriously, they don’t get excited about anything else like they do about getting in the car!” She loves driving her pups to their favorite places around the Oklahoma City metro, like Hollywood Feed and the Edmond dog park.

What I noticed about this page is the high level of support the members receive and offer each other. Many posts ask for opinions on dog food, veterinarians, pet stores, and training. The comments on these posts are always helpful and informative.

I have not seen any petty drama, which goes hand and hand with social media. These are animal-loving ladies that have formed a gentle community in the crazy world of Facebook. There are also the hard posts. Stories of sickness, loss, and beloved dogs passing on. The kind words of encouragement and sympathy touch my heart.

There are tentative plans for this group to gather together this year. “In 2016 we did a Halloween Party and silent auction. Everything went really well and we had a blast! Looking to do that again in 2018!” Lauren excitedly adds. The group also sells quarterly t-shirts and donates the profits to a local shelter or rescue. The last round of shirts benefited Mutt Misfits. They have a new “Dog Mother, Wine Lover” shirt coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I’m glad I came across this page. I think every OKC dog mom needs to benefit from this community of lovely women. It definitely brightens my day!

Calling All the Dog Ladies!

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

posted January 16th, 2018 by
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Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR ProgramHands Helping Paws Inc., a cat rescue and adoption organization in Norman, has some exciting news. This month, they have started a TNR program for the area! TNR stands for trap, neuter, and return to help control the cat population by spaying/neutering community cats. Community cats are strays, feral, or alley cats that live on the streets. These colonies of community cats are usually looked after by someone who feeds them in the neighborhood.

Hands Helping Paws is reaching out to these feline ambassadors to trap the cats and bring them in to have them spayed or neutered at no charge.

They started last week with four cats getting the simple operation and today, five more cats will be spayed/neutered.

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR ProgramLook at it this way. If a stray female cat has five kittens each year for five years (five years is the average life span of an unspayed female stray), then these 9 nine surgeries will prevent 225 kittens from being born on the streets. That does not include the litters of kittens coming from each hypothetical kitten!

Yes. The math is staggering.

Hands Helping Paws saw this problem and is doing something about it.

If you know of a colony of cats, or would like to donate to this worthy cause, contact Hands Helping Paws on Facebook.

Check out our January/February issue of OKC Pets Magazine to learn more about cat overpopulation and Operation Catnip Stillwater, another TNR organization dedicated to this problem.

Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

All Your Pet Wants for Christmas is…

posted December 22nd, 2017 by
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Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

All Your Pet Wants for Christmas is…

It’s definitely feeling a lot like Christmas today! The temperature is icy, and everywhere I go the twinkling lights of Oklahoma City sparkle cheerily at me from shop windows and neighborhoods. Have you finished your holiday shopping? Were there any furry family members or fluffy friends on your list?

What do our pets really want for Christmas? I asked a few friends and found out!

Oakley got a Christmas bandanna and Carlo got a new Christmas sweater!! It was exactly what they wished for!

 All Your Pets Want for Christmas is...

Max is a collector of all the treasures! He may be part border collie and part pirate, because of the bounty of things hidden in his yard. He likes to chew on everything! Especially water hoses and flower pots. He would like for Santa to bring him something to help keep him busy… and of course, something on which he can gnaw.

 All Your Pets Want for Christmas is...

Kaia (right) wants to be able to run and play again. She is not feeling well right now. Rhea (left) wants her sister to get well soon so they can go on adventures!

All Your Pets Want for Christmas is...

Ruby wants her busy mom to spend more time with her!

All Your Pets Want for Christmas is...

Sophie wants a stuffed toy. And it looks like she got her wish!



Most of all, our pets just want our love and attention. Be sure to cuddle up with your furry and/or feathered family this chilly weekend, and they will have the happiest of holidays. They deserve it.

Give Me That Old Time Walk ‘N Roll

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Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program

Give Me That Old Time Walk ‘N Roll

Give Me That Old Time Walk 'N RollDogFest Walk ‘n Roll OKC is a family-friendly, dog-friendly walk and festival benefiting Canine Companions for Independence. Activities include vendors, music, and a short walk with your pooch. Grab a leash and join in!

The Canine Companions for Independence was founded in 1975 and strives to provide highly trained assistance dogs to aid individuals with disabilities. They work closely with both human and canine to ensure a healthy and quality relationship. Money raised at Dogfest OKC allows people to receive a highly trained assistance dog free of charge!

This non-profit organization has helped thousands of people get back their confidence and security to obtain a more independent lifestyle. These dogs function as the hands, legs, and ears of their charges and have changed many a life. I checked out the website and was amazed to see the difference these animals make every day!

Here are a few tails of triumph for the humans who have benefited from this awesome organization.Give Me That Old Time Walk 'N Roll

We train four types of assistance dogs

Service dogs assist adults with physical disabilities by performing daily tasks.
“Mork helps me help myself. He can retrieve my phone and other dropped items, pull my wheelchair and open doors for me.”
—Wallis and Service Dog Mork

Hearing dogs alert their partners, who are deaf and hard of hearing, to important sounds.
“Thanks to Hazel, I don’t have to rely on someone to wake me up. I am less dependent on my family now.”
—Karen and Hearing Dog Hazel

Facility dogs work with clients with special needs in a visitation, education, criminal justice or health care setting.
“Sherlock allows many children to surprise themselves into doing things they might never have had the courage to try!”
—Kristen and Facility Dog Sherlock

Skilled companions enhance independence for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities.
“He has really changed my life and I like showing people how he helps me.”
—Carter and Skilled Companion Hollen  (


Give Me That Old Time Walk 'N RollSunday looks to be a gorgeous day, so why not grab your best friend (human or canine), and attend Dogfest Walk ‘n Roll OKC for a fun afternoon all to help a most wonderful cause.

October 15, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Earlywine Park
3033 SW 119th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73170


Free To Live Benefit Auction Kicks Off Fall Festivities

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Hands Helping Paws Launches TNR Program


Free To Live Benefit Auction Kicks Off Fall Festivities

Free To Live Benefit Auction Kicks Off Fall FestivitiesThe Free To Live Animal Sanctuary Benefit Auction was the perfect start to this season’s events. Free To Live is the largest no-kill shelter in Oklahoma, housing around 300 cats and dogs. The shelter is located in the sprawling hills of north Edmond and the minute you arrive, you can feel the commitment and love dedicated to these animals every day.

The auction is the sanctuary’s most vital fundraising effort. There was a silent auction with rows upon rows of donated art, gift baskets, and pet products. A live auction took place later in the evening for the larger donations.

I was fortunate to meet Kaycee Chance, volunteer coordinator at Free To Live, writer at OKC Pets, and the lady behind-the-scenes at the benefit auction. She gave me a tour of the auction and a quick run-down of the mission of this life-changing shelter. You can check out the videos of the auction on our Facebook page. Just click videos and they won’t be hard to find.

Free To Live Benefit Auction Kicks Off Fall FestivitiesThe evening was a huge success, with a packed house, lovely people to meet and talk to, and open hearts and wallets to snatch up unique gifts to help the hundreds of residents at the sanctuary. Over $56,000 was raised that night, and each and every dollar will go to back to the animals. Cat food, dog food, vet bills, cat litter, and utilities certainly add up when caring for 300 cats and dogs. This auction means a second chance for many of the residents. You can follow Free To Live on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website here.


There are more exciting pet events in the upcoming weeks, so mark your calendars for these fun festivities.

Click each event for details!

October 14th

Pumpkin Patch Party & Fundraiser

Azani Howl-O-Ween Party

October 15th

DogFest Walk ‘n Roll OKC 2017

Pawtoberfest 2017

October 22nd

Spooky Pooch Parade sponsored by Midtown Vets

October 28th

Howl-O-Ween Dog Parade and Costume Contest

Howl-oween Meow-loween Fundraiser & Adoption Event

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