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Second Chances

posted December 31st, 2016 by
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Looking Back

Second Chances

We all get second chances and, most of the time, we learn the lesson and try to not get caught again or, best case scenario – we don’t do it again.

First hand, I’ve seen the benefit of second chances for both homeless dogs and inmates.  Sarge, the grouchy/growly schnauzer got a second chance training with Mr. Miller in the prison program at Lexington.  Today, Sarge reigns supreme at the Norman Veteran’s Center – he greets you at the door, rides the elevator and visits with everyone.

On Monday, the 19th, I had the privilege of watching inmates from NOCC work hard, help dogs and puppies coming into PAAS headed to Colorado, and see the smiles on the inmate faces and the happy/wagging tails of the dogs as they were unloaded from partner rescues.

We certainly appreciated all the help and the dogs most assuredly loved the attention.

Looking back at 2016, PAAS has transported 1100+ dogs to our partner – Denver Dumb Friends League.  In addition, we’ve implemented a Trap/Neuter/Release of feral cats, worked with law enforcement and other rescues to save abused/neglected dogs and started an effective low-cost, income verified, program for unaltered pets.

Along with our training program at the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center, we’re making a difference.

We’re a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible, appreciated and play a key role in our continuing work to save thousands of homeless dogs and cats who have no voice.

New Year’s Resolutions from Your Pet

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Nicole Castillo

This is it! The last day of 2016.

Time for New Year’s Resolutions!


What have you resolved to do, or not do, for 2017?

Have you wondered what your pet’s New Year’s resolution would be?

I asked a few of my favorite furry pals to give us an insight.



 “Well, as you may know, I have a new furry little brother, The General, so I resolve to hiss a little less and purr a little more around him.”  -Sauerkraut


 “I resolve to cut back on my infamous sneak attacks. Maybe..”  -The General


  “I will catch the red dot this year.”   -Cheyanne


“Take more naps.”    -Tim


“I would like to start knocking things off tables and shelves. My parents laugh so hard when they see this online.”    -Kitty


 “I will try to stop giving mom the stink eye when I want a cookie!”   -Elmer


“Convince Mom and Dad to keep my food bowl full all day, turn all black clothes into white clothes, sleep on Mom’s head every night.”   -Lillian


“Patrol and keep safe my kingdom, learn to kill birds and squirrels through a window, run at least 2,000 miles around the house.”    -Harlow


“Convince Mom to quit her job so she can stay home and cuddle me constantly.”    -Ely

“Eat my new cat tower, head bump with less force, sleep on Mom’s pillow every night.” -Etsel


  “Eat more Beggin’ Strips, learn to dodge my brother Sparrow’s tail better.”    -Faith


“Learn to control my wild tail, learn to be sneakier when I try to kiss the kitties, snort less when I eat.”     -Sparrow


 “Get more bites of food off of Mom and Dad’s plates when they aren’t looking. Eat alllllll the wet food.”   -Valentine


“My resolution is to have more bones and belly rubs!”   -Rufus


“I resolve to pee outside…exclusively. Peeing inside seems to upset the humans, especially the adult female.”



“My mom doesn’t think I’m very smart, she still loves me but I may be missing something upstairs, so I’m thinking about getting my GED instead of attending class all the time. Aren’t I cute?”  -Doug


 “I have new arthritus medication, so my New Year’s resolution is to walk three times a week until I can walk two miles with Mom.”  -GiGi


“My resolution is to be more consistent with waking up my parents by four a.m, and to get at least 18 hours of sleep a day.”



“To read more non-fiction.”     -Pam


“To sleep in less and see more sunrises.”     -Nora

Happy New Year, my sweet pet lovers! May 2017 be filled with tail wags, head bumps, and a healthy layer of fur all over your house.

Obstruction in Dogs

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Obstruction in Dogs

We can’t even begin to tell you the things we have seen at the ER that cause obstructions in dogs!!  Socks, towels, bedding… the list just goes on and on. 

Intestinal obstruction in dogs refers to complete or partial blockage of fluid and food flow through the small intestines.  This can quickly become a life-threatening situation. 

Symptoms to watch for that can indicate your dog is possibly obstructed include:


Loss of appetite

Straining during bowel movements


Tarry stools

Inability to defecate



Excessive drooling

Abdominal bloating

Abdominal pain

Remaining still

Refusing to lie down


If you see your pet swallow something that can become stuck in their intestinal tract, take them to the vet immediately!  The vet will work to induce vomiting to try and produce the object.  If this is unsuccessful, the next step is to try an endoscope to pull the object back out with the last resort being surgery to remove the object from the intestinal tract. 

Your pet will require several days of hospitalization to ensure they have recovered completely.  All of this will make an obstruction a costly trip to the vet! 

Check your pets’ environment and remove any items that can potentially cause an obstruction.  Having your pet in a crate when you can’t be around is a good way to ensure they remain safe. 

Blaze’s Tribute

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Blaze's Tribute

Thank you,
Natalee & Shawn Cross
Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, Inc.,
Jones, Oklahoma 73049
[email protected]

Please watch our short video about who we are and the work we do on a daily basis.

Follow us on Facebook:

There’s No Place Like Home

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Looking Back

There’s No Place Like Home

The holiday season is extremely tough for everyone in rescue.  We look into the soulful, scared, eyes of a homeless dog or cat and realize we can’t save all of them, we won’t find homes for all of them before Christmas and – – even more tragic – the phone calls and owner surrenders will inundate us shortly after the first of the year.

It was brought home to us at PAAS this week.  Someone had to owner/surrender their beloved cat, the cat knows something awful has happened, and while it has a nice place to live, food, water and companionship – – it isn’t home. 

Then, there’s the story (in many different versions) of why someone needs to surrender their pets.  No matter how the story starts, the ending is always the same – they can’t/won’t keep the pets and they want to give them to a rescue.  Like all the rescues, we’ll say “yes” to as many as possible, but we also know we won’t be able to say that magical word to everyone.

Certainly pit bulls bear the brunt of this awful decision and we can’t find a viable solution.  Each time I see someone advertising beautiful pit bull puppies for sale, free, trade – my heart sinks.  We know too many of them will not find a forever home.

So, this Christmas, hug your family and your pets.  Enjoy the holidays.  Please, please, please do not give anyone a pet for Christmas unless they’ve specifically asked for one and you are willing to ensure the animal has a home – no matter what. 

There’s truly no place like home and that’s the wish we have for all the homeless, unwanted, lovable, sad, funny, big, little dogs and cats in our shelters – – – that they find a new home.  To date, since we opened, in April last year, we’ve touched the lives of 2,050+ dogs and cats – – it feels good – – but our work isn’t done. 

Kay Stout, Director 

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]




Eugene’s Night Before Christmas

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Nicole Castillo

Eugene’s Night Before ChristmasAnastasia Wickham

Eugene the cat adored all types of toys
He stalked leaves and paper, he loved crinkly noise

So when Santa slid down the chimney that night
Eugene was amazed at this wondrous sight
This man smelled like wind and snow and sweet milk
He carried a bag full of noise, soft as silk

As St. Nick set down his luggage of gifts
The cat climbed right in to get a good sniff
Eugene was surrounded by all sorts of things
Fluffy bears, and trains, and toy phones that ring

Santa snacked on a cold glass of milk and cookies
Filled the stockings and placed presents under the tree
Then he leaned over, and took up his bag
Wherein the feline was taking a nap
Up on the roof they took off like a snap
Santa, the reindeer, the toys, and a cat

For the next hour, Eugene slept unaware
He finally woke up in east Delaware

St. Nick was munching his holiday treats
The stowaway leapt out, and as soon as his feet
Hit the carpet he knew he was not in his house
His striped ears turned down, he curled up in a crouch

When Kris Kringle bent down to retrieve his sack
He saw the scared cat and took a step back
He remembered this guy, from a house far away
He kneeled down, but frightened poor Eugene away

The cat hurry-scurried right under the couch
St. Nick pulled the tassel attached to his pouch
And dangled the end back and forth until
The feline sprang out and pounced for the kill
The second  he could, Santa scooped up Eugene
Laid him back in the sack, and tightened the string

Flew up to the roof, and consulted the deer
They took off like a whip and Kringle did steer
To Oklahoma, where the feline was from
And deposited him back on his living room rug

As the cat sat and watched St. Nick disappear
Up the fireplace, he meowed and old Claus did hear
Down the chimney chimed special Christmas cat toys
That landed by him with a wonderful noise
Eugene ran to the window, jumped up and peered out
At Kris laughing and speeding back to his route