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Heartworms are serious and potentially fatal.  Prevention is the key to keeping your dogs healthy.

During the summer, we fight bugs!  Flies, mosquitoes, etc., and that keeps us thinking about our dogs and their heartworm prevention.  But with the summer fading and fall upon us, we see less and less of the pesky insects and often times we can forget that heartworm prevention in the cold months is just as important as in the hot months.  In Oklahoma, mosquitoes are a year-round annoyance, as it just doesn’t get cold enough to send them packing even in our coldest months.

Most owners also misunderstand the way heartworm prevention works.  It doesn’t actually prevent the infection, it kills the parasite your pet picked up the previous month.  This is opposite of how other preventions work in that they kill or repel the parasite immediately and for the next month.

No prevention works 100% of the time.  If in fact, your pet gets heartworm disease but you can prove you purchased enough to provide protection for the entire year and followed the testing protocol, most companies will pay for your pets’ heartworm treatment.

You can stay one step ahead of this serious disease by limiting your pets’ exposure to the insects and by keeping them on prevention year-round, even in those chilly months.

OKC Pets Mag Sept / Oct 2016

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OKC Pets

OKC Pets Magazine  Sept / Oct 2016

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Barry Switzer – ‘No’ on SQ 777

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Animal Lovers

Thanks to our friends at

Letter: Barry Switzer and his wife voting ‘No’ on SQ 777

Barry Switzer

To the editors:

My passion for the gridiron is well known. What a lot of people don’t know about me is my love of animals.

My wife, Becky, and I own several dogs and they are a big part of our life. We have trained working dogs, and we own others that are being trained for search and rescue missions. We’ve also rescued many dogs over the years who were abused or neglected and we do whatever we can to elevate animal welfare, including facilitating adoptions. Our passion for animals is just one of the reasons we oppose State Question 777.

If SQ 777 passes, it will make it easier for puppy mills to exist. Puppy mill operators will be able to classify themselves as farmers and their animals as livestock.

Puppy mills are atrocities where neglect, disease and abuse is rampant. Animals are caged 24-7 and some live their entire lives in wire cages, never once touching or rolling in the grass. Adult dogs are often debarked, which involves ramming a steel rod down their throats to rupture their vocal cords.

I could go on with the atrocities, but you get the point: puppy mills are an abomination.

Another reason Becky and I are voting no on SQ 777 is because it threatens Oklahoma’s ability to maintain clean water and air for our grandchildren. Instead, it gives constitutional protection to corporations who profit off industrial farming, entrusting them, and not local and state officials, to decide what’s best for Oklahomans’ public welfare.

These corporations are trying to mislead voters by painting SQ 777 as “right to farm” and using wholesome imagery of family farmers and Oklahoma landscapes to lure votes to change our state constitution. This is a problem because SQ 777 isn’t about family farmers; it’s about big-time corporate agriculture wanting fewer and fewer restrictions on how they operate.

Oklahoma’s family farmers have always been good team players, taking care of land, water and air. Big Ag doesn’t have the same game plan and winning record.

Big Ag is trying to represent itself as the underdog, as the little team being blitzed. They’re actually going town to town across our state saying they’re in danger of being sacked and that our food supply could be compromised.

I’m not making this up. That’s what they’re saying to scare Oklahomans into voting yes. Football coaches would call this a trick play, a tight end around, and we shouldn’t be fooled by it.

Consider this football analogy: One team is Big Ag. The other team is natural resources and animal welfare. The referees are state and local officials who make sure both sides play fair. But a “yes” vote for SQ 777, gives Team Big Ag the referees, too.

If this happens, it’s game over. Big Ag will “hang half-a-hundred” on us.

Join me in voting “No” on 777.

Looking Back – Going Forward

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Holiday Gift

Looking Back – Going Forward

Looking BackOne year ago, we had tentatively entered the world of transfer out-of-state. Looking back, we had no idea how successful it would be – nor how many lives would be saved. The first few trips were filled with apprehension, worries – – that were never justified – and success we could not have imagined.

It’s hard to wrap our minds around 750+ dogs living the good life out-of-state. But that’s 750 dogs that have been “fixed” – – no more litters — – in forever homes.

Every Tuesday evening, our van (full of wagging tails) heads down the road. Yes, we all wait for the phone call that says they’ve arrived safely. Then we breathe for a few days and start the process over again. It’s encouraging that several rescues/shelters have now partnered with us, so we know we are making a difference in other towns as well.

It’s also rewarding to know that some of our dogs that have a visual history of abuse will find a loving, safe, home. Two of our most recent ones are Hank and Kaiya. They’re both in training with inmates at NOCC and will graduate Canine Good Citizen Certificates. Hank had a severe chemical burn on his side, but like many dogs, his ability to forgive is amazing. Kaiya came from a hoarding/abuse case and she, too, is at NOCC getting her certificate.

Going forward we know our transfer program will grow. More dogs will be saved, “fixed” and find new homes.

For cats, the answer is local. Consistent affordable spay/neuter programs will be the most important element in the solution. There is no out-of-state demand for cats or kittens. The immediate and long-term solution for cats is different than for dogs – – but the important fact to remember is there are solutions, they do work and lives are saved.

For all the rescues/shelters who work with us we say THANKS – – we’re glad you’re part of our solution. Our mission remains – saving hundreds of lives in Northeast Oklahoma. The only thing that has changed is their destination.

Good weeks, like this one, make the hard times bearable.

Kay Stout, Director

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]





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It was a frigid January morning in upstate NY when we spotted a beautiful dog stuck outside a home. We went up to the door and knocked, only to realize this dog didn’t belong there. During this conversation, the poor dog was running around on the front porch of this home. It was cold enough that we needed multiple layers and here was this poor dog completely unprotected. It was clear that he had run out of home without his owners’ knowledge.

He wouldn’t let us hold him to get him to someplace warm. So, we went and knocked a door of the next home on the street. The resident came out and threatened to shoot us for knocking! By this time, the poor dog was scampering around in bitter cold and left the scene, nowhere to be found. We ended up calling 911.

Two days later, we saw a ‘lost pet’ flyer on the street corner, fixed to an electrical pole, with the same dog’s picture. If we only had a way to reach the owners of this lost pet quickly, we might have saved it.

PetNotify’s crowd-sourced dashboard is our attempt to let owners quickly know about whereabouts of their lost pets. For this to work, we need you to text us descriptions of lost pets, so an owner can check our dashboard and read your text.

If you are a pet owner, think of PetNotify as insurance for your pets. If your pet ever gets lost, and we hope it never does, your best chance of finding it quickly is by letting your friends and neighbors know about PetNotify.

We encourage finders of pets to use all methods of notification available to them. Use PetNotify, post on FaceBook, call 911, call animal control – do what you can, but please do it quickly.

Together, we can save our pets!

Fun Fall Activities for You and your Dog

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Nicole Castillo

The end of summer has arrived,

but that isn’t a bad thing.

Fall ActivitiesFootball games are circling. Restaurants edit their menus to include pumpkin-flavored everything and the first fresh bags of candy corn grace the shelves. Kids are back in school. College students (including me) are staring bleary-eyed at their textbooks, and I am here at JC’s Funky Hair Ranch getting the colors of autumn applied to my hair. Fall ActivitiesDid you know this salon in Edmond has two little dogs that will jump in your lap while you have a cut and color? Wyatt, the red Chiweenie, and Nellie, the wiry black Chihuahua-mix greet customers, snuggle with them, and will play fetch with anyone who shows interest. I have never had a more enjoyable time at the salon! Lauren Roach expertly turned my faded summer curls into swirls of caramel and dark chocolate. I learned about a pet-friendly event the Hair Ranch will be hosting in September, and that made me think of all the fun activities coming up locally. Get ready to bookmark this page or save it for later because you don’t want to miss out on the festivities!

 Doggie Paddle – September 8th, 6-8pm – cost $3

Special day for your dog to come out and swim at The Station Aquatic Facility in Moore, Ok.

Old Chicken Farm Vinatge Barn Sale – September 9th & 10th – cost $5

The BIGGEST junk/vintage/antiques show in Oklahoma! Plenty of vintage, shabby chic, mid century, industrial, rusty and repurposed. Located at The Old Chicken Farm in Jones. Leashed dogs are welcome!

Free Concert, BBQ, and Art Show – September 10, 7-10pm – Free!

The Funky Ranch Art Association and JC’s Funky Hair Ranch invite you to enjoy the Massad and Dean Band previewing their new CD, Hitting the Wall. We will have BBQ, beverages, and local artists featuring their arts and wares. Make sure to bring a blanket or a lawnchair! Leashed dogs are welcome! Located in Edmond.

A Dog Walk in the Park – October 1st, 9am-3pm – Free!

Every year in the fall, a gathering of pets and people come together in a beautiful park to celebrate their bond and support Bella. This year is no exception. On Saturday, October 1st from 9a-3p at Duffner Park in Oklahoma City.

Puggerfest – October 8th – 10am-4pm – $5

The 13th Annual Puggerfest is a fundraising event benefitting Homeward Bound Pug Rescue & Adoption of Oklahoma. Adult admission is $5, Kids under five and all pugs are admitted free. Located at Stars and Stripes Park by Lake Hefner.

So get out your scarf and softest flannel shirt for these any many other fall activities in the area. It’s the perfect weather for you and your dog! If you have any events you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment! Until then, go have a adventure with your best furry friend. You won’t regret it!