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There’s No Place Like Home

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Looking Back

There’s No Place Like Home

The holiday season is extremely tough for everyone in rescue.  We look into the soulful, scared, eyes of a homeless dog or cat and realize we can’t save all of them, we won’t find homes for all of them before Christmas and – – even more tragic – the phone calls and owner surrenders will inundate us shortly after the first of the year.

It was brought home to us at PAAS this week.  Someone had to owner/surrender their beloved cat, the cat knows something awful has happened, and while it has a nice place to live, food, water and companionship – – it isn’t home. 

Then, there’s the story (in many different versions) of why someone needs to surrender their pets.  No matter how the story starts, the ending is always the same – they can’t/won’t keep the pets and they want to give them to a rescue.  Like all the rescues, we’ll say “yes” to as many as possible, but we also know we won’t be able to say that magical word to everyone.

Certainly pit bulls bear the brunt of this awful decision and we can’t find a viable solution.  Each time I see someone advertising beautiful pit bull puppies for sale, free, trade – my heart sinks.  We know too many of them will not find a forever home.

So, this Christmas, hug your family and your pets.  Enjoy the holidays.  Please, please, please do not give anyone a pet for Christmas unless they’ve specifically asked for one and you are willing to ensure the animal has a home – no matter what. 

There’s truly no place like home and that’s the wish we have for all the homeless, unwanted, lovable, sad, funny, big, little dogs and cats in our shelters – – – that they find a new home.  To date, since we opened, in April last year, we’ve touched the lives of 2,050+ dogs and cats – – it feels good – – but our work isn’t done. 

Kay Stout, Director 

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]




Eugene’s Night Before Christmas

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Nicole Castillo

Eugene’s Night Before ChristmasAnastasia Wickham

Eugene the cat adored all types of toys
He stalked leaves and paper, he loved crinkly noise

So when Santa slid down the chimney that night
Eugene was amazed at this wondrous sight
This man smelled like wind and snow and sweet milk
He carried a bag full of noise, soft as silk

As St. Nick set down his luggage of gifts
The cat climbed right in to get a good sniff
Eugene was surrounded by all sorts of things
Fluffy bears, and trains, and toy phones that ring

Santa snacked on a cold glass of milk and cookies
Filled the stockings and placed presents under the tree
Then he leaned over, and took up his bag
Wherein the feline was taking a nap
Up on the roof they took off like a snap
Santa, the reindeer, the toys, and a cat

For the next hour, Eugene slept unaware
He finally woke up in east Delaware

St. Nick was munching his holiday treats
The stowaway leapt out, and as soon as his feet
Hit the carpet he knew he was not in his house
His striped ears turned down, he curled up in a crouch

When Kris Kringle bent down to retrieve his sack
He saw the scared cat and took a step back
He remembered this guy, from a house far away
He kneeled down, but frightened poor Eugene away

The cat hurry-scurried right under the couch
St. Nick pulled the tassel attached to his pouch
And dangled the end back and forth until
The feline sprang out and pounced for the kill
The second  he could, Santa scooped up Eugene
Laid him back in the sack, and tightened the string

Flew up to the roof, and consulted the deer
They took off like a whip and Kringle did steer
To Oklahoma, where the feline was from
And deposited him back on his living room rug

As the cat sat and watched St. Nick disappear
Up the fireplace, he meowed and old Claus did hear
Down the chimney chimed special Christmas cat toys
That landed by him with a wonderful noise
Eugene ran to the window, jumped up and peered out
At Kris laughing and speeding back to his route

Shoes & Boots for Dogs…Really!

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Will Tottle

Fashion Tips for Your Trusted Friend

– Shoes & Boots for Dogs…Really!

 By Will Tottle

We love our dogs, and there is nothing more important than their happiness and well-being. So when we take them out in the rain, many of them end up with cold paws – especially if they have short coats. Some even suffer from allergies to grass and other irritants that are found on the ground, making walking an uncomfortable time for them.

Whether your dog needs something between them and the ground, or you just want them walking in style, there are a pair of shoes or rain boots waiting for your canine companion. Here are the five we consider to be the best.Boots

Mosunx Dog Boots

These adorable booties for dogs are cheap and come in five different sizes, so practically every dog can benefit from a pair of these. They feature a sweet design with a soft inside for your pooch’s comfort.

They are waterproof as well as anti-slip so that even in wet weather your dog will come home with dry paws. The rubber sole offers protection from broken glass, sharp stones, and nails, so walking in urban areas doesn’t need to cause stress. Plus, they are incredibly fashionable.

BootsWaterproof and Reflective Dog Shoes

Perfect for medium and large dogs who suffer from allergies, these boots will ensure their paws stay dry in wet weather, but also have reflective Velcro for safe night time walking. They are ideal for protecting the pads of their paws from hot road surfaces or snow.

The soles are made from thick rubber and are anti-slip so they won’t be falling over everywhere in wet or icy conditions. Plus, it helps protect their paws from broken glass and other sharp debris that might be lying around.

BootsPesp Rain Boots

These adorable rain boots come in a variety of colors and in five sizes that are sure to have your dog looking spectacularly stylish in no time at all. They have a Velcro fastening and are really easy to get on as well as off again.

Ideal for rain and snow, they are also waterproof and anti-slip, which is perfect for winter walks. They are really comfortable for your pet to wear and allow free movement for them while walking. Plus, all the colors will have them looking fab.

BootsDenim Dog Shoes

Want your dog’s style to match yours? What better way than these stylish denim dog shoes. These casual booties fasten with a small shoe lace, so they really will be the most fashionable dog in town. They are made from denim and have a thick rubber sole.

This means they are non-slip, so in wet conditions, they won’t be falling over. They act to keep your dog’s paws clean, comfortable, and protected from sharp debris such as glass or sharp stones. A truly stylish look that comes in two sizes.

BootsPetacc Waterproof Dog Boots

These cute boots from Petacc are made from a tough and durable material that is also waterproof and will prevent your dog from slipping over. They help to keep their paws clean, and the rubber soles protect them from debris and sharp objects.

It has reflective Velcro straps so that your dog is safe at night and passing vehicles can see them. They also feature adorable embroidery that is sure to make an impression on other pet owners. People will be asking you where they can get a pair!

Of course, your dog’s style is important when it comes to walking, but so is yours. It’s important that you, like your canine companion, are wearing the right footwear for the task. When walking out in the winter, spring, or after rain/snow has fallen, a pair of rain boots is ideal. They keep your feet warm, dry, and free from mud so that you can enjoy your walk.

There are some great rain boots out there for you, many of which will have you looking as stylish as your dog. So when you go out walking together, you can do so with pride.

To Conclude

Giving your canine companion a pair of rain boots or shoes can be really beneficial, both in terms of their health (if they suffer from allergies and such) as well as their safety when walking in urban or littered areas. Plus, they leave them looking really stylish and fashionable. So when you’re thinking about what to get your dog, why not a pair of boots?


About the Author

Will is a freelance writer, his blog can be seen here . If you are interested in more information on outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories, then check out his ultimate welly boot guides for more details

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Will Tottle

Will Tottle

Holiday Safety Tips

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Holiday Safety

Holiday Safety Tips for Pet Owners

With the holidays comes visits to Grandmas, and Grandma visiting you.  As we go through the holidays, keep these tips in mind to keep your pet out of the emergency room!

Keep a close eye on wrapped gifts.  We often don’t think about our pets unwrapping presents but with a keen sense of smell, any kind of food or treats wrapped under the tree can become a toxic nightmare for your pet.  Keep any kind of food out of reach of your pets.

Salt can cause life threatening imbalances for pets.  Products like ice melt, salt dough ornaments (even dry) and homemade play dough can all be tempting but terrible treats for animals.

Snow Globes are a common holiday decoration but they contain ethylene glycol which is deadly to animals.  Keep snow globes out of reach for pets and kids! 

Holiday plants can be toxic to dogs.  Keep them in mind when giving a gift to an animal loving friend or when having these in your home:  Lilies, Poinsettias, Mistletoe and Holly.

Make sure everyone keeps their medications out of the pets reach as many human meds can be toxic and dangerous to our fur babies.

Guests can be stressful for animals.  Do your best to keep your pet’s normal schedule and feeding routines.

Do not allow guests or don’t you give into the temptation to feed your pets table food.  The spices and other flavors we add to food can be dangerous to our pets.

Bah Humbug – or Merry Christmas!!!!

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Supply and Demand

bah-humbugBah Humbug – or Merry Christmas!!!!

It’s the time of year when most of us who rescue animals struggle to get to Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – – let alone Happy New Year.  We say lots of Bah Humbug – plus a few choice phrases and words that won’t make it with the editor.

Everyone is stressed – so are your pets.  Take a step back, decide the holidays don’t have to be perfect – and enjoy your family, friends and pets.  From experience, I know the perfect Christmas isn’t worth it.  I worked endlessly, years ago, to be sure my family had the perfect Christmas.  Hmmmm – – I pushed myself to the point of exhaustion.  They enjoyed Christmas, I tried to recover. 

What we do remember about holidays are all the things that didn’t go quite right.  Since then, I’ve made it a goal to enjoy the season, first and foremost.  Traditions are important, but more important is my family and that includes our pets.

Yes, a puppy under the tree looks adorable in televised commercials – and in newspapers and magazines.  But that isn’t reality.  It may look perfect – but it may also be more work than you (or your loved one) wants to invest.  Puppies are like toddlers – – lots of work, lots of messes, lots of kisses, dumped trash, tipped over tree, accidents in the wrong places.  A puppy or pet for Christmas should be well thought out.  Nothing brings out the ugly bah humbug in a rescuer than a returned Christmas gift a few days after the 25th

Enjoy the holidays, love your pets, give gifts that do not require food, walks, visits to the veterinarian unless you’ve thought it out – – everyone is on board – – and they’re excited.  If so, you’ll find lots of wonderful dogs from which to select at your local shelters and rescues. 

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays – -

Please no Bah Humbugs

Kay Stout, Director 

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]




A Chat with Kaycee Chance of OKC Pets

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Nicole Castillo

   photo-nov-30-7-28-34-pm Kaycee Chance is a good friend of mine. She writes for OKC Pets Magazine  and volunteers and works at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary in Edmond, Oklahoma.

She is also the Wonder Woman of dogs who stray from their homes. Her Facebook page is sprinkled with witty tales of stopping by the side of the road to collect befuddled and lost dogs and return them to their worried owners. As I prepared to write this blog, I scrolled through her page and quickly found five of these stories, complete with pictures.
I asked her if there was a particular dog that stood out in her mind and she told me about Duke, a dog who had wandered away from his yard.

“Ok, so this is the story of Duke: I was driving through Nichols Hills one day and saw a big, beautiful, well cared for dog running frantically in the middle of the street. I keep a kit in my car that has dog treats, cat treats, a few medical supplies, some bottled water, bowls, towels, and leashes for this kind of situation.

photo-nov-29-10-49-43-amI could tell he was TERRIFIED and that he was not going to be easy to catch. But he had a collar on, so there was no chance I was letting him get away. There are a lot of major streets nearby (Penn and Britton) so I was really worried. I lingered in my car for a second watching his behavior. He was timid, tail between his legs, completely docile, just scared. There was a lady in her front yard with her dog on a leash while she gardened. Duke (although I didn’t know his name at the time) lingered around her dog for a second, but took off when she approached.

This gave me a good indication that he was a member of somebody’s pack, as his natural instinct was to go by the other dog for comfort. I saw him go through the fence into somebody’s backyard, so I knew I had a few minutes to act on my master plan.

I approached the lady doing her gardening and explained that I was trying to get the dog and explained that I thought her dog might be helpful. I asked if she would be willing to simply walk her dog nearby the house where Duke had gone into the backyard. She was down to help and I was glad! She lingered in the front yard with her dog while I slowly called for him “come here, baby, it’s ok” with a few treats in my hand. I was low to the ground, kept my body language completely calm, and sat by the hole in the fence waiting.

He kept eyeing me and the other dog and after a few minutes he approached the fence, I stuck my hand out on the ground with a treat in it and he took it. After a few more treats and chin scratches (always go under the chin first for a shy/nervous dog) he came through the fence and I was able to leash him. Once he was on the leash he became more comfortable and plopped down next to me for some lovin’. I got him some water from one of my bottles and THANKFULLY he was properly tagged.

I called the number on his tag and a frantic voice answered, “I found your dog, Duke,” I said. The young woman on the other end began SOBBING. She explained to me that she got up to let her dogs out at about 12:00 AM the night before and when she went to let them in 10 minutes later all the dogs were there except for Duke. She said she and her fiancé had been out looking for him nonstop for the past fifteen hours. They were overjoyed, Duke was overjoyed, and I was overjoyed. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass, but it’s always worth it.”
photo-nov-30-7-33-18-pm-1   There are animal lovers, and then there are animal warriors like Kaycee. She has opened her home to to five cats, and two dogs. Each pet has a unique past and all are happy to call the Chances’ house home. Kaycee gave me the rundown of her tribe.

Etsel and Ely, age 8, are my sweet “handicats” as I call them. They have deformed back legs and they were my inspiration to get so heavily involved in the rescue world.

Lillian, age 7, is my sweetest companion who I basically consider me in cat form: lazy, hungry, and sassy.

Harlow, age 3 is my crazy girl, always running wild around the house. Found her as a stray with her kittens and rehabilitated them back to health. Once all the kittens were adopted she became part of my kitty clan.

Valentine, age 14, is my old man. He loves nothing more than to sleep, eat constantly, and play with his favorite toy monkey (which is actually a big Kong toy for dogs hahah).

Sparrow, age 8, a Pitbull mastiff mix who was once considered extremely aggressive. After being rehabilitated by the Free to Live staff he is now the best big brother to his five kitties.

Faith, age 12, once belonged to the executive director of FTL, who passed away a few years ago. She is shy as all get out, but photo-nov-29-10-42-40-amonce you get her to open up she is the sweetest old gal. Loves her walks, bacon strips, and a good romp around the yard with Sparrow.

You can find Kaycee at Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, walking, feeding, cleaning, and playing with the furry residents. She also has a teaching apprenticeship at the University of Central and writes fabulous poetry. She is truly a lady of many hats and the lost pets of the OKC metro are fortunate to have her patrolling the streets, making sure all the animals are tucked in at night.