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Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To Live

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Nicole Castillo

Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To Live

Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To LiveThe Oklahoma Designer Show House opens this Friday! This event not only features the hard work of thirteen local design firms, it also benefits Free To Live Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill animal shelter in Edmond. Free To Live houses and rehabilitates animals that have been abused or abandoned. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

The show house is at 13300 Hickory Hills Road in Arcadia and tours start at 11am. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Andrea Meister, chairman of the show house, to find out why this event and Free To Live go hand in hand, or paw.


Q: Andrea, tell me a bit about yourself and your pets.

Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To LiveA: I’m owner & lead designer for Roost Oklahoma! I have 4 kids, Lauren 25, Preston 23, Hunter 21, Isaac 17. I’m married to a super sexy guy named Ralph.

On my Instagram profile it reads “Designer. Animal freedom fighter. Mother of parrots.”

I have 2 German Shepherds, 1 orange tabby (rescue), 3 macaws (2 are rescues).

Q: How important are animals to you?

A: I probably can’t put into words how important animals are to me. Each animal, a squirrel, a turtle on the side of the road…these are all lives…you can’t recreate that. My husband is equally passionate about animals rights as I am.

Q: What made you decide to benefit Free to Live again this year?

We love FTL and all that they do!! If you’ve never been, please go!! All the work that their staff does is so great!

It will change you! There are so many dogs and cats that are so awesome that need homes!

Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To LiveThey are the largest no kill shelter in the state of Oklahoma! They really focus on placing great pets in great homes!

We’re doing something new this year too! On the first Saturday of the tour September 9th from 1:00-3:00 Free To Live is having an adoption event and one of our biggest sponsors, Advanced Air Specialists, is paying all the adoption fees!! They’re also paying for Magic 104.1 to have a live remote during the adoption event.

Out of all my love for all animals, my husband and I are obsessed with Macaws.

Macaws are the largest breeds of parrots.

Parrots are like dogs, with tons of different colors and sizes, Macaws are the Great Danes of the parrot world.Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To Live

My mother grew up in South America. They always had random “stray” parrots show up to their house & never leave. By stray, I mean, parrots are smart & like to interact with humans even when they’re wild!

So, my entire life I always kind of wanted one.

Once I talked Ralph into it we bought our first one, Roman, almost six years ago. We knew just enough to keep her alive.

We had no idea what door we just opened.

The journey we’ve had over the last 6 years is just the beginning.

It is about as high maintenance of a pet you could have. They’re like really bratty 2-year-olds that bite all the time and live as long as we do!

I carry around postcards when I take one of my birds out that I give to people that talk to us, basically saying “please don’t go get a parrot because you see me out with mine”.

Please watch the documentary Parrot Confidential. There is a bad bad problem here in the US with parrots. There are huge rescues with hundreds of birds!

We don’t have a good rescue here in Oklahoma yet, but it’s something that is on my radar and think about a lot!Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To Live

Our first macaw, Roman, is a blue and gold.

My second one Ruby, is a military, she was being given away on a garage sale website and a design client of mine grabbed her. We ended up taking her five days later and she never left. So, I always say Ruby found us.

And our newest is Sidney, she’s a Green Wing. We’ve had her about three months. She came from a divorced home, being mainly bonded to the husband who traveled out of town for several days at a time and she started plucking all her feathers from depression & loneliness. Birds are flock animals, they don’t like to be alone.

We went and got her after we heard about her from a friend. She’s getting better every day.


Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To LiveAndrea’s love for birds is in her blood. The black and white photo is her grandpa and mom (in the middle) in Bolivia. You can meet her, and perhaps her feathered family, at the Oklahoma Designer Show House.

Oklahoma Designer Show House Benefits Free To LiveRemember that Free To Live will be present for Dog Days adoption event on Saturday from 1:00-3:00pm. Adoption fees will be sponsored by Advanced Air Specialist.

You can also shop in the fabulous boutique set up for visitors. Stay up to date with the show house on Facebook and Instagram. Stop by and see a truly unique house with each space created by a different design firm in Oklahoma City. Hope to see you there!

New Sign – New Direction

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Looking Back

New Sign – New Direction


New SignWhen you drive past 628 Wilson – look at the new sign.  It shows our van, PAAS Ride to Rescue, Pets for Life, our phone number and the very important words 
“Pets for Life  Resource Center  918-240-7950”.

Two years ago our mission stated we would save thousands of homeless pets.  And, today, we are – – it’s just not the way it was originally envisioned.  As a transfer station, 30 – 45+ dogs (and some cats) head to a new home in Colorado every Tuesday night.  As a result, you see fewer homeless dogs and cats roaming the streets of Vinita.  Our Oklahoma partners, many of them municipal shelters, no longer face over-crowding in their kennels.  At the moment 28 rescues/shelters are our Oklahoma partners.  Many of them, in turn, rescue from other shelters/rescues – – so 35+ in total are part of our transfer program.  And the number continues to grow as the good word spreads.

A huge thanks goes to the PAAS Board who was willing to let us find a solution.  Next are our donors, each  and every one makes a difference in the life of one of our rescues.  Grants play a key role in the funding and growth of our programs.  Partnerships with organizations like Dumb Friends League of Colorado provide a destination point.  And, last, but most importantly, a staff of 7 make the organization run like a well-oiled machine. 

Our next goal is expansion of the NOCC inmate/shelter dog training program.  We now have two training organizations selecting dogs from our program.  One is in training for a young person with Asperger’s  and one has passed the high standard to be trained as a mobility dog (think open doors, close doors, pick up things on the floor). 

It’s an exciting time to be at PAAS

Kay Stout, Director

PAAS Vinita

[email protected]




EarthWise Pet Supply Opens Tomorrow!

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Nicole Castillo

EarthWise Pet Supply Opens Tomorrow!

Earthwise Pet Supply Open Tomorrow!Steve Goss and Kyla Patterson are hard at work right now preparing for the soft opening of Earthwise Pet Supply in Oklahoma City tomorrow. EarthWise is a holistic pet product and grooming store that focuses on natural health and wellness. The business will provide healthy pet food choices, a self-serve dog wash, and grooming services.

Steve, the owner of EarthWise, and his dog Toby are very holistic-minded and are always on the lookout for new all natural products and procedures. Kyla, who manages the store, has an extensive background in all things animal, including zoos and veterinarians, and has managed a human health and wellness store. EarthWise Pet supply will have the perfect combination of experience and passion to serve the Oklahoma City metro with knowledge and know-how. This team also includes Bel Crawford, the Pet Nutrition Specialist, and Alicia Ofsak, “Green Groomer” and Pet Stylist Extraordinaire!

The grooming services sound wonderful. They have spacious tubs and chemical and pesticide-free shampoos. Calming scents and gentle hands makes sure that each pet’s experience is free from fear or anxiety. After your pet is clean and calm, reward their good behavior with a treat or chew. Kyla personally loves the Snook’s sweet potato chews for her dogs because they don’t smell and they keep chewers busy for hours!

The EarthWise Pet Supply Mission is as follows:Earthwise Pet Supply Open Tomorrow!

Our mission:

   At EarthWise, our mission is to help people care for their pets in a more natural and eco friendly way! Animals are a part of the family, and we know your fur babies are just that, your BABIES! We know you care for them like your own because we do too! We all want what’s best for our furry kiddos, but with all the advertising, marketing strategies, and the countless recalls its hard to know who to trust when it comes to feeding and caring for our animals. We know how confusing (and often times misleading) researching food options can be, especially if you have a pet with a sensitive system, allergies, or even just a really picky pup. That’s why we went into this business. We have been there with our own pets, and now we want to help other pet parents feed and care for their animals in the best way possible too.

   Natural pet care is about so much more than great, high quality foods. Just as with our own health there are so many factors to consider with our pets’ all around health and wellness. Exercise, mental stimulation, grooming needs, flea and tick prevention/repellents, training, veterinary care, toys and more all play a huge part in our animals health and happiness. But who makes these products, what are their practices, and are their materials safe? And when it comes to the professionals in the industry who we trust with our pets’ vet care, training etc. what are their business’s goals and are they going to do what’s best for your pet? There are a lot of questions that can be hard to answer about the everyday things/people who we trust with our pets health. That’s why we have partnered up with highly trained, amazing professionals to provide all around quality care to our customer’s fur babies.

-Holistic veterinary care with Dr Kimberly Jones-Weiss, using the most natural and least invasive options available to care for and treat our pets (from furry to feathered and everything in between).

-Positive re-enforcement (or force free) training by Jessi Cantwell at ROC Animal Training, who uses the best training methods, which are proven not only to be the most effective and reliable but also the best for our pets overall physical and mental health. This type of training BUILDS your bond and trust with your pet, unlike training styles with punishment as the motivating factor, which does just the opposite.

   We have even chosen only the best dog walkers, pet sitters, pet photographers…just about any professional you might need when you have a pet! We want to know that who we recommend to our customers are the very BEST, and that they are very same people we would/do trust with our own animals!

Earthwise Pet Supply Open Tomorrow!Visit EarthWise Pet Supply at their store, located at 1710-G Belle Isle Blvd in OKC. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, or check out their website. They will open their doors to the public for the first time on August 12th, at 10 am. Store hours are Monday-Saturday 10 am-7 pm, and Sunday 1 pm-5 pm.

A grand opening is scheduled for September 30th and will feature animal adoptions, food, face painting, dog competitions such as treat catching and bobbing for tennis balls, prizes, and a good time for everyone. More details of the opening will be posted on their Facebook page as the time approaches. It sounds like a blast!

Meals on Wheels for Pets in Norman

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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels for Pets in Norman

Meals on Wheels for Pets in Norman

The Canine Sports Academy is teaming up with Meals on Wheels of Norman to provide food for the pets of the Meals on Wheels clients. Canine Sports Academy provides services such as puppy training, obedience training, rally obedience, a therapy dog skills class, agility (specializing in Teacup Agility Dog Association), club meetings, fun matches, specialty shows and a conference center. They strive to make your dog a better family member, and now they are working to help feed animals in need with what they are calling Animeals. In too many cases, the Meals on Wheels client will share their food with their pet and not get the nourishment they need, and neither does the animal. Now, clients will receive pet food as well as their own meal. Meals on Wheels for Pets in Norman

Canine Sports Academy is accepting donations of food and money at their location at 30217 Santa Fe Ave, Norman, OK 73072.

You may call them at (405) 288-0092 or email [email protected] if you would like more information about Animeals.

Meals on Wheels for Pets in Norman

ICKC Summertime Classic Dog Show

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ICKC Summertime Classic Dog Show

ICKC Summertime Classic Dog Show

Come join us for a great international show. The best ribbons in the dog show world. International/Intercontinental Adult/Junior/Puppy titles are up for competitors to win! BIS/RBIS Adult/Junior/Puppy each show.

8 shows in 2 days.

August 5 & 6

Time – 10am

Location – Canine Sports Academy

ICKC Summertime Classic Dog Show

Summer Open Houses

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Nicole Castillo

Summer Open Houses

July is here and two of the OKC metro’s animal hospitals are inviting the public to visit their practices. Guthrie Pet Hospital and Neel Veterinary Hospital have open houses planned for mid-July. I reached out to these businesses and got the inside scoop on the festivities.

Summer Open HousesGuthrie Pet Hospital Open House, July 15th, 10am-2pm

Our Open House marks Dr. Anna Coffin’s 20th year of ownership.  Guthrie Pet Hospital has been open for 33 years.  We will have two live demonstrations:  Logan County Sheriff Dept. will be performing with their police dogs and Dr. Denise Travis is doing a CPR Class.  We will have face painting for the kids.  Food, cake, and drinks.  People will be able to walk through and see the entire clinic.  We will have informational stations set up throughout the clinic. Everyone is welcome. Come spend the afternoon with us!

Neel Veterinary Hospital Open House, July 16th, 5pm-7pmSummer Open Houses

Neel Veterinary Hospital has been serving the OKC metro and surrounding towns since 1987, 1st out of Dr. Neel’s own home. The hospital moved into a neighboring building in 1994 and then into our current location in 2000 with 14,000 square feet of space currently. We are the only full service veterinary hospital in this area, meaning patients can get routine and emergency care 24/7, day and night. We recently eliminated our emergency fee so that pet owners aren’t burdened with an extra financial stress in those difficult situations.

We have an all new logo, lighted street signs, textured epoxy flooring for better paw grip and anti-microbial features, and new paint on the interior and exterior of the hospital. We moved our Internal Medicine Specialist (Dr. Amy Lang) and her team into their own newly renovated area with separate exam rooms, procedure room, and reception desk. The Isolation Ward has been moved closer to our Intensive Care Unit to help our staff and clients when caring for critical patients. Our exotic team has been moved into their new, larger procedure room as well as a dedicated exam room for specific animals. We are very excited about our new, cutting edge Central Pharmacy which will be staffed 24/7. Our dental services have always been top-notch, but we now have a room specifically for team members to perform procedures as well as space to educate pet owners who have concerns about their pet’s teeth, gums and overall dental health. Five additional private exam rooms were constructed, with one room designed for extra comfort in difficult times.

The public can also learn about the additional features that will be available in the coming months – a Radioactive Iodine (I-131) Treatment Room to be overseen by our Internal Medicine Specialist – this will be an extremely effective treatment specifically for cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism. Our ICU will also house a state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Chamber – this provides oxygen therapy as well as increased healing for trauma, burns, wounds, inflammation, post-operative care, pancreatitis and much more. We will have information about these projects available to the public at the Open House.

Summer Open HousesOpen House details – Sunday July 16th from 5p-7p, all donations (pet food and monetary) will go towards The Pet Food Pantry which delivers pet food and products to homebound seniors, veterans, etc, Hospital Tours will be on-going with stops at various areas with free goodies and raffle tickets at each stations, Taco Addict Food Truck will be on site, Eskimo-Sno Truck will be handing out sno-cones at no cost(provided by our sponsor IDEXX), a “Dunk The Doctors” dunk tank will be in our outdoor play yard, a pet photographer will be in our play yard for family photos(donation recommended), and various sponsors will be set up to provide the public more information about their products/services. Tables and chairs will be set up in our play yard for relaxing as well. PETS and FAMILIES are encouraged to attend!

If you and your dog need a summer play date, attend one of these events for fun and good information. Also, taking your pet to the veterinarian for a happy, playful time may take some stress off the next time they need a check up.

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