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Publisher’s Letter November 2013

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by Marilyn King

We’ve all been as busy as little Christmas elves getting this November/December issue to the press. It’s been a lot of fun, and I think you’ll like the stories that we’ve included.

I’ve always wanted to have a DNA test done on my dog, but wondered if they are really valid. Nancy Werhane’s article answers my question. And, I do have one confession. Elmer in the article is my mutt puppy, and I fully believe, after getting his results, that he is exactly what the report says: Weimaraner, Shar Pei and Samoyed. We were pretty certain about the Shar Pei, but not the other two breeds. It was a fun experiment.

Also in this issue, Kiley Roberson pens a poignant article with good, solid advice for soon-to-be pet owners. To avoid heartbreak, guilt and regrets, every person thinking about adopting a pet needs to read this. It’s so unfair to adopt then decide it’s a bad decision.

Next up is the University of Tulsa’s Paw Law group. I’ve known about them for a few years, but never really knew details. I’m thrilled to report to you what they are doing to help our animals, and you can expect updates on this group in future issues. I’m also hoping they can contribute editorially from time to time. Thank you to the Paw Law for your interviews and time!

And so, you ask, who is this handsome fellow on the cover? This is my Sam, TulsaPets Magazine’s mascot. He was featured on my cover five years ago when he was 2, and I wanted to feature him one more time in his all too short life. He’s actually been a big help to the magazine over the years, being thrown into photo shoots and extras since day one. He’s also the best dog I have ever had. He’s totally devoted to me, and the only “bad” thing he has ever done was to chew the lid off a bottle of Aquafina when he was little. I love you, Sam, now and until forever.

And last, but most certainly not least, I am pleased to announce that Deb Watson Fite is now providing graphic design for TulsaPets Magazine. Deb brings a wealth of design experience to the magazine, and we’re proud to have her. Welcome, Deb!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, Merry Christmas, and have the happiest of New Years!

Publisher’s Letter

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Dear TulsaPets Magazine Readers:

I fell in love October 13—head over heels in love. That’s the day we held the photo shoot for our featured cover dog, Twister. I met Twister briefly at Woofstock and kept thinking, “That face, that face, I’ve got to capture that face!” So, thankfully, circumstances accommodated our schedules, and Twister graces our front cover this issue. He is the 2-year old St. Bernard of proud parents, Amy and Larry McCarthy, and he’s 160 pounds of pure lap dog.

Someone mentioned to me just the other day that I must have the best job in the world. When it comes to meeting the likes of Twister and other irresistible pets, I must admit it truly is the best! To learn about some other unusual and rare dogs here in Tulsa, be sure to read Nancy Werhane’s article included in this issue.

Also in this issue, we are pleased to report on the Animal Resource Center in Oklahoma City—a gem of an asset— and we hope that some day Tulsa might have such a place for our companion animals and their humans.

And for peace of mind, we’ve included two venues (also wonderful assets) that can help pets with aging pet parents, the Cohn Family Shelter in Stillwater, and Pet Peace of Mind here in Tulsa.

For those of you who remember the story about Piper and the goat, GP (Goat Puppy), we have an update on the unique pair. Although it was a frightening, tragic event, all is well again. You can read the details in this issue.

I also must confess I am a dog hog. Yes, that’s my dog Sam in the Christmas shopping article. I wanted to include him, as he loves having his picture taken, and he’s such an obedient (and convenient) subject!

We hope you find this TulsaPets Magazine entertaining and resourceful. Please go “like” us on Facebook, and tell your friends and family to do the same! Happiest of holidays from us at TulsaPets Magazine!

Marilyn (& Twister)

Publisher’s Letter

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by Anna Holton-Dean

Howdy from Texas, “TulsaPets” Readers:  I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly one year since I came on board with “Tulsa­Pets.” Writing this Letter from the Editor has me reflecting on the rewarding experi­ence it has been so far, from working with the wonderful writers of “TulsaPets” and meeting selfless people who champion for animal causes (especially the homeless pet population), to learning about some amazing local animals. There was Winston, the Boxer who survived severe burns and abuse to find a forever family, and Seren­dipity, the service dog who helps even the littlest patients at Tulsa Sunshine Center with their therapy sessions. And of course, I cannot leave out our Publisher Mari­lyn King. It has been a pleasure working with her and seeing her passion, love and dedication for animals. Her mission, and that of the magazine, is truly to find them all forever homes. I look forward to many more issues and helping to do my part in executing that vision.

The year has also brought about many changes for my family, including a move to San Antonio, Texas, this past spring. Fortunately, through the wonders of technology, I am able to continue working for “TulsaPets” even from the Lone Star state—I was delighted that Marilyn wanted me to continue when I told her about the impend­ing move. It has been an adventure, especially for my almost three-year-old Jack, as there is a lot to do and see here. He loves the sting rays, sharks and dolphins at Sea World, swimming at Schlitterbahn Water Park and riding the boats on the River Walk. And at his request, his next adventure will be getting his first dog as soon as we locate our permanent residence and decide on the perfect breed for a little one.

But enough about me, let’s talk about this issue! I’m excited about the diverse range of topics we have for you, from service dogs for veterans with PTSD, to my interview with Fabio, spokesperson for Spay First Oklahoma. And I can’t leave out the two heartwarming tales of some amazing animals—a Pit Bull who mothers an orphaned goat, and the story of Tanner and Blair, the pair who made national news when Blair became the seeing eye dog for Tanner (also a dog).

While the mission of this magazine is to help and save animals, it’s fitting that we recognize the compassion and service animals themselves are capable of providing instinctively to one another and to us humans. These two stories I mentioned above certainly showcase that side of our canine friends. And with our mission in mind, we are pleased to now include a Cruelty Report listing of local violators on our website.

I’m proud to be a part of bringing this issue to you. So here’s to many more. Enjoy!

Publisher’s Letter

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Dear Pet Lover,

Welcome to this July issue of TulsaPets Magazine, and thanks for picking up a copy. I hope you enjoy this issue and that you tell your family and friends about us.

I have long wanted to feature guinea pigs in the magazine, and I got my wish this issue. Our cover story features the guinea pig, a sweet and gentle little critter. The guinea pig is often a child’s first pet primarily because of their calm, non-biting nature. I had guinea pigs as a kid and my most memorable was my Genuwen. He would sleep on my pillow at night and I could trust him not to escape throughout the house. And though he’s long gone, I dedicate this issue to him.

We have two exciting new additions to our web site. We are now including many more adoption showings, from Saturday PetSmart showings to other non-recurring events. We hope to provide a onestop resource for pet adoption opportunities, so please keep checking the Next Adoption Showings on our home page and spread the word to get out and go pet adopting!

We’re also featuring another new segment on the home page on Pets with Special Needs available for adoption – those pets that most often get overlooked and are probably first in line to be put down because of certain health issues. There are so many special needs pets that do make wonderful companions and we hope to help these most special pets with this new web feature.

We also want to announce that Casey Rose Largent will be coordinating these two web site additions, and she comes on board as our Rescue Coordinator and Events Liaison. Welcome aboard, Casey Rose!

For anyone who read An Unfinished Story in the May issue (page 26) about Buddy the cat that was separated from his person because the new landlord ruled “no pets,” there is some good that has come from this story! Camille Hulen, the story’s author and temporary keeper of Buddy, has received several calls of people concerned, wanting to help. Three people have offered Buddy’s “dad” transportation to Camille’s Cathouse to visit, and Camille has also received money and a gas card to pass along. What a nice thought to know that there are generous strangers who want to help just to help. Life is good! Stay tuned for a hopeful happy ending to this Unfinished Story.

We’ll be back in September with lots of good tales, so in the meantime keep up to date with the local pet news on our web site, okc.tulsapetsmagazine.com. Thank you to everyone who helped make another issue of TulsaPets Magazine possible!

Marilyn King and Elmer Fudd


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Dear Pet Loving Reader,

Thank you for picking up this copy of TulsaPets Magazine! We hope you enjoy our March issue and share it with your friends and family.

We have extended the kid’s pet art contest and the three finalists will now appear in the May 2011 issue. Students in several school classes will be participating, but the blizzards delayed completion of entries. In the meantime, we are posting the entries on www.tulsapetsmagazine. com so be sure to go look. There are dragons, birds, and snakes among our dog and cat pictures! We will continue to post entries until the judging is held in mid-April.

This cover’s pet just happens to be my black mutt Elmer Fudd. I encourage everyone to read the saga of the black dog article in this issue. It’s a proven fact that black dogs take the longest to be adopted and are the most euthanized of all dogs in our country’s municipal shelters. You’ll find out why in the article. I adopted Elmer from the Tulsa Animal Shelter and this little fellow is absolutely one of the happiest organisms existing on this earth. He has brought joy and laughter and much, much love to our household and everyday I feel fortunate to be his keeper. I know now that of all my future dogs, all of whom will be rescued, at least one will be black.

There are good things happening at the new Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital in Broken Arrow. Veterinarian Kevin Long and his schoolteacher wife Stacey are huge proponents of teaching children responsible pet ownership at a young age, and they’re hosting field trips at their clinic so kids can get a first-hand look at proper pet care. We at TulsaPets Magazine feel it’s critical to instill a healthy appreciation and love for pets at a very young age. Children need to know that pets are not disposable objects but instead are creatures who feel love, fear, contentment and the host of other emotions. So paws up to you, Good Shepherd!

Please look online each week at our Shelter Report photos taken by Bob Foshay. Bob visits the Tulsa shelter every Tuesday and photographs cats and dogs available for adoption. I know firsthand it takes courage to go to the city pound, especially on a regular schedule, and I want to thank Bob for his unswerving commitment to help the helpless there.

Remember, we’re publishing six issues annually now, so we’ll see you again in May. In the meantime, thank you to all who make this mission possible, and keep spreading the word about the importance of spaying and neutering all pets!


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20101115 1

Story by Marilyn King


The holidays are always a very special time for me and my family and my pets. Immediately after Thanksgiving we turn the house into a winter wonderland, and when all the decorations are up there’s festivity in the air that we all can feel, including my dogs Sam & Elmer. I do believe they sense it’s a special time of year.

We’ve included some cute and different holiday traditions with pets in this holiday issue that we hope you enjoy. My particular pet holiday tradition is that all my pets have a Christmas stocking, so every year I get out all the stockings for all pets, past and present. There’s one for Blitz and Buster and Maggie and Daisy, as well as Chesterfield and Sam & Elmer. I know at some point I might have to rethink this tradition or get more fireplaces! There are also some heartwarming stories about some homeless pets that have found a forever home that most certainly were destined for a much worse fate. These stories evidence that even though some animals aren’t “perfect” they can still be a most wonderful and loving animal companion. We ask that you please keep those homeless and sheltered pets in mind this holiday season. Visit your local shelter and volunteer to walk a dog, donate a Kuranda dog or cat bed to your local shelter, or make a monetary donation to your preferred rescue organization. Every little bit helps. And if we all encourage spay/neuter and rescue and adopt and keep preaching that in 2011 it might help save a few not so lucky animals. We’ll be publishing TulsaPets Magazine six times per year in 2011, with six regular size issues, so we hope you look forward as much as we do to our continuing to report on local pet news.

We wish you and your pets a happy and safe holiday season!

TulsaPets Magazine
Marilyn & Sam

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