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Daisy Lou

You were the best little girl ever, sweet little Daisy Lou. From the day we got you, you were never a problem. Always minded, ever grateful, sweet as sugar. I hope that you know what a joy you were to so many, and what an impact that you had on our lives. We remember your first night with us when you squeeked toys until daylight, so happy to have found a new home. Go now, Daisy, and play with your brother Buster in the rainbows and the sunshine where you will be healthy and strong, prancing your little prance. But please wait for us at the special place to pick you up – in the big scheme of things it’ll only be the blink of an eye. Love you little Goose Girl. You can rest your bones now. You are at peace.

Steve & Marilyn


Buster Brown

We have a secret, you and I, that no one else shall know –
For who but I can see you lie, each night in the fire’s glow?
And who but I can reach my hand, before we go to bed,
and feel the living warmth of you, and touch your silken head?
And only I walk wooded paths, and see ahead of me
your small sweet form racing in the wind, so young again, and so free.
And only I can see you swim in every brook I pass, and
when I call no one but I can see the bending grass.


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