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TwisterTwister Agility

Agility is a sport in which a dog demonstrates its agile nature and versatility by overcoming different obstacles. It is a team sport between handler and dog.  In agility, the handler is given a set amount of time to direct their dog off- leash around a course. Originally loosely modeled on equestrian stadium jumping competitions, the sport has evolved its own additional obstacles, scoring systems, and performance ideals.

Agility courses usually consist of jumps, tunnels, a tire, a pause table, weave poles, and contact obstacles. The contact obstacles include the dog-walk, see-saw, and A-frame. The dogs are required to have at least one paw touch the yellow painted areas on the way up and especially on the way down the contact obstacles. When performing the weave poles, the dog must enter to the right of the first pole and weave each one until they exit the last pole.

Success in agility requires proper training, as it is a game of physical skill, control, patience and, most of all, teamwork between handler and dog. Agility is a race against the clock, but accuracy is the first requirement.

Although agility can be very competitive, it is a sport that offers the opportunity to build a strong relationship between the handler and his or her dog.  At Twister Agility, we feel the relationship between handler and dog is critical and should ALWAYS be nurtured.  We teach using positive training methods to promote drive, enthusiasm and happy dogs that will improve you and your dog’s skills on the agility field as well as strengthen the bond between you.  A happy, well-loved dog is always a winner!!

If you would like to visit the Twister training facility to see what agility is all about, just me a call or send an email.  We love to share our sport!

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Twister Agility – OKC, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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