OKC Animal Welfare Wish list

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OKC Animal Welfare Wish list

We appreciate donations at all times. We are currently in need of the items listed below.

Items may be dropped off at 2811 SE 29th Street. Call for large item pickup.

OKC Animal Welfare, 2811 SE 29th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Call 405.297.3100 to report animal welfare concerns www.okc.gov/animalwelfare [email protected]

Updated May 29, 2015


For the animals in our care:

v Gift cards to grocery, pet supply, home improvement stores, office supply & auto parts stores

v Dry dog & cat food

v Cat Litter

v Cage scratchers for cats

v Puppy pads

v Shelves for cat kennels

v Kuranda kennel beds

v Dog & cat beds

v Nylon leashes, 6 foot and pet collars

v Stainless steel bowls

v Kongs (all sizes, especially larger ones)

v Cat toys without cat nip

v Wash cloths, white bath towels & sheets

v Timothy hay

v Microwave heat pads

v Small litter boxes

v Dog & waterless shampoo

v Canned kitten & puppy food

v Soft dog treats & peanut butter

v Tongue depressors

v Electric heating pads for exam and surgery

v Plush or other toys (new)

v Digital kitchen & infant scales


Cleaning supplies:

v Bleach & Clorox disinfecting wipes

v Dish soap (regular & automatic)

v Hand cleaner soap

v Dish cloths & dish towels

v Spray bottles with triggers

v Sponges & scrub pads

v Paper towels

v Kleenex

v Lint rollers

v Ziplock bags (all sizes, especially gallon)

v Odor neutralizer spray

v Trash bags


Large items:

v Stainless steel exam tables (2)

v Building and large outdoor signage

v Portable x-ray machine

v Obstacle course equipment

v Tool chest on wheels

v Air scrubbers

v Artificial turf

v Trees for pasture

v Volunteer shirts

v Cat trees

v T-posts

v Blood machine

v Outdoor awning/tent, 10’ x 20’


Other supplies:

v Batteries (AA, AAA, D & 9-volt)

v Long zip ties

v Clear plastic sleeves

v Sleeve rings


In kind services:

v Graphic design

v Landscaping

v Pet grooming

v Vet care for Angel Fund recipients

v Grant writing


Items we cannot accept:

v Homemade dog treats

v Toner cartridges

v Old computers & equipment

v Medications & medical supplies

v Topical & oral pesticide products

v Used dog treats & raw hides

v Used litter boxes

v Confetti shredded paper

v Old clothing (t-shirts, socks)

v Anything broken or missing pieces