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Bentley – A Cat Tale

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A Main Coon with Purr’sonality


By Camille Hulen


It was love at first sight when Jean saw the picture of the Maine Coon with his quizzical face. Then, as soon as Bentley met Jean, he began talking to her, and she fell further in love.

He had such a unique way of expressing himself, not with purrs but with squeaks and grunts.


“He has issues,” the counselor warned her as she filled out the adoption papers. (It seems that Bentley had been adopted twice before and returned.) However, Jean felt that every cat deserves a loving home, and this cat was special.

Bentley investigated every corner of his new home immediately. Soon he became very active, tearing from one end of the house to the other. “Don’t you think I’m adorable?” he seemed to say, as he jumped from chair to sofa to bookcase. “Who said you should walk on the floor?  It’s much more fun up here!” And then he would come and whisper to his new owner, endearing himself further, “You didn’t really like that antique vase, did you?”

A week later when the adoption center called, they did so with trepidation, afraid that he would be coming back again. They breathed a sigh of relief when they learned he finally had a permanent home.

You see, his new owner was willing to work with him, in spite of his “issues.” She had made a commitment, and it was for life. Besides, Bentley made her laugh!

Every day held new surprises. Sometimes Bentley would make a mad dash across the room, climb the door jamb then slide down like a fireman on a pole. Over and over just for fun, of course! The other cat in the household just watched in amazement at this unruly fellow.

One never knew where he might turn up. One day he was lost for hours. Where was Bentley? Aha, in the cupboard over the refrigerator. Of course, when feeding time came, he was in the refrigerator. Bentley was always hungry—a cat with this much energy needed lots of food. He was not at all fat; he burned off the calories with all of his antics.

At home, Bentley could watch his food being prepared, but when he went to board at the kennel, it was done in an adjacent room. When he heard action in the food prep area, he would repeatedly bounce 3 feet in the air, as if on a pogo stick to look through the window. The other cats waited patiently, but not Bentley.

At the kennel, he refused to be caged. He would first trash the cage and then manipulate the latch until he got out. This is not unusual behavior for a Maine Coon, but Bentley was better at it than most. Next, Bentley deftly demonstrated how to open the screen door, separating two sections of the kennel, earning the nickname Houdini.

When the owners adopted a black Lab who showed up on their doorstep, this was more entertainment for Bentley: another animal to tease. Why not deposit cat toys in front of the dog, let him eat them, and then watch him throw up? Why not sit on top of the dog’s crate and drop things on him? Why not shred papers for the dog to eat? (Bentley had already been outlawed from the office for unnecessary paper-shredding.)

As you can see, there is never a dull moment with Bentley around. So how does one describe Bentley?

Words from “The Sound of Music” come to mind. Like Maria, Bentley makes you laugh. As the song says, he truly is “a flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!”

July / August OKC Pets Magazine

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