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July / August OKC Pets Magazine

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Publisher – Marilyn King

Creative Director – Debra Fite

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Web Manager – Steve Kirkpatrick

Editor – Anna Holton-Dean

Contributing Writers – Marilyn King, Anna Holton-Dean, Emily Cefalo, Pat Becker, Nancy Gallimore, Brianna Broersma, Nicole Castillo, Kaycee Chance, Blaize Dicus, Allan Hendrickson

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Once a Bait Dog: Jewel Under the Scar

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THERE ARE PEOPLE who get a thrill  watching dogs fight to the death. I was bred  specifically to encourage these fights for the  entertainment and profit of people.

I was called a “Bait Dog.” Although I have  fighting in my ancestry, my nature is not to  fight. I am submissive.

At a young age I was thrown into a fighting pit. The purpose was to trigger aggression of the  dogs scheduled to fight. I was injured many  times. People say I was one of the lucky ones. The people took a little better care of me than  the others. I was submissive and they wanted  me to remain so.

I finally refused to stand up for myself. Then  the people bred me, knowing if they threw  my puppies into the pit, I would try to protect  them. I tried but despite my efforts my pups  died in the jaws of the fighters.

Finally, some kind-hearted humans stepped  in. They took the bad people to jail and I was  put in a foster home. I had surgery so that I  would have no more puppies. I was thin and  my coat had no shine. All I wanted was a real  home.

One day I was taken to a PetsMart store. I  was there all day but it seemed no one wanted  me. I was so scared. My foster dad took great  care of me, but he could not continue to care  for me and he knew I deserved a good home.

A woman came in the store and sat on the  floor nearby. Gently she reached out to me!  I could hardly believe it. I  snuggled in her lap and did  my best to tell her I was a  good girl. I so hoped she  would look past my scars  and realize that I was not  mean, that I only fought  to protect my babies. She  heard me. She adopted me  that very day. I was given  the name Jewel.

It has been a long road for  us. My old injuries required  me to have a canine extreme makeover. I even  had to have my tail cropped. But now I have a  wonderful short-tailed-boxer-like-twitchy-butt! 

I live in a loving and caring home with Mom,  Dad, Buddy and Ely. Daddy calls me his  Sweetie Girl. Buddy and Ely are rescues too! I  like that. I have been with my family for 8 years  now.

Today I am no longer called a Bait Dog. I am  a proud member of the Johnson family, loved  and cared for every day. Look beyond my  scars and you will see that I am in fact a jewel.

If you have a chance to rescue one of my  brothers or sisters, please do. We may not be  puppies when you first see us, and we may  not be perfect, but we make loving pets and  we never forget who saved us.